How to Fix AC Problems: 5 Common Issues

Two AC problems in front of a building.

Every summer, millions of American families turn on the air conditioner to help them stay cool. This system ensures you can stay comfortable inside, even when it is scorching hot in the great outdoors.

While everything is perfect when the system is working well, problems begin to arise when issues present themselves. These issues may stop your system from working altogether, or simply reduce how effective it is.

When dealing with issues, it is always best to bring in a solid air conditioning repair company to help fix the problem. But what are some of the most common AC-related problems you may encounter? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at.

AC is Not Pushing Cool Air

A row of air conditioners on the side of a building experiencing AC Problems.

One common issue that you might run into is that your air conditioner is not pushing cold air. Whether it is blowing warm air, or no air at all, something is obviously wrong. If no air is coming out, you need to ensure the system is on and your temperature is set correctly. If it is, call in an expert to assess. If warm air is coming out, make sure you didn’t switch the thermostat setting. If the setting is correct, the next things to try are checking the filter and making sure that the refrigerant is not low.

Your Unit is Short Cycling

Another common issue is your air conditioner short cycling. This is when your system will kick on and off incredibly frequently, often at random intervals and much more rapidly than it should be. Short cycling can cause a ton of wear and tear on your AC, and hold it back from cooling your home to the desired temperature. There are many potential causes such as loss of refrigerant, a control board problem, damage to the unit, or even the air conditioner being the wrong size. 

Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises

Many people will experience their air conditioner making strange noises at one time or another. No air conditioner will be completely silent, but if yours is being much louder than usual, it could be a sign of an issue. This could be a clanging noise from a missing or loose part, a buzzing sound could come from a failing or dirty part, or even a squealing sound from a malfunctioning blower. To truly diagnose what issue is causing your strange AC sound, bring in a professional.

Areas of Your Home Aren’t Being Equally Cooled

In some cases, an issue you might encounter is one part of your home being noticeably cooler than another. This is often caused by some sort of imbalance within your HVAC system. This could be some rooms being bigger than others, where exactly your vents are, how many windows a room has, and how well each area is insulated. Fixing this issue depends on the cause, but can range from changing up your ductwork to adding more insulation.

Your Unit is Leaking

A leaky AC unit is something many homeowners will encounter, and the way to deal with it depends on the cause. The line for your condensate can easily get clogged and lead to a leak, which would be fixed by unclogging the line. This is likely the most common reason for the leak, but not the only one. If your leak is caused by a missing drain pan or one that is damaged, you will need to replace it. A leak can be very serious, so if you identify one, get it dealt with as quickly as possible.

We hope that this blog post has been helpful when it comes to fixing and dealing with some common AC issues.

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