How to Make a Large Yard Feel Welcoming and Cohesive

A boy walks past a brick house in the woods, creating a cohesive and welcoming atmosphere in the large yard.

While there are plenty of tips and information on how to maximize the space in a small yard, what you don’t always find is many tips on how to do the same in an oversized yard. The idea is that you have tons of space, so there is no need to “maximize” anything, but the reality is that all that extra space can actually be overwhelming and spark its own design issues. An oversized yard can lack the cohesion of design, it can feel confusing as to what the space is meant for, and often there is a lot of area that ends up going to waste.


So, here’s a look at some specific tips you can use that will make a large yard feel welcoming, cohesive, and maximize its space.

Create Zones in the Backyard

One of the simplest ways to create purpose in the yard is to create different zones. When you’re dealing with oversized yards, you have the added bonus of having tons of space, which means lots of different zones to create. What are “zones”? These are like different areas, rooms, or sections of your yard that have their own design concept.

An outdoor living space with patio furniture and a fire pit.

Some examples can include an entertainment area, an outdoor kitchen, a basketball court, beautiful gardens, a water feature, and so forth. By breaking the design down into different zones, it will help you to feel less overwhelmed as you are tackling one space at a time rather than the full yard.

Let the Landscaping Establish Flow

The landscaping that you choose is a great way to establish flow in the yard. For example, you can use stone pathways to connect the various zones, use gardens as borders, create privacy and a sense of nature with taller bushes and trees, and choose a central color theme that connects everything.

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Another tip is to choose the same materials throughout your yard. Again, it helps to create flow, which will make your backyard feel more cohesive.

Think About the Maintenance Involved

It’s also a good idea to think about the maintenance involved in each of the aspects you want to include in your yard design. Sure, it would be great to have elaborate and stunning gardens throughout, and multiple zones with their own incredible features, but remember you will be the one to care for all these things.

That means watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, cleaning, and so forth. Suddenly all that maintenance really adds up and you end up with very little free time to enjoy your yard.

The best solution could be to find the happy medium where you have some special features but the majority is low maintenance in terms of plants and greenery.

A Yard You Want to Retreat To

The idea behind having a yard is that you have that outdoor space that’s all your own. It acts as your own personal retreat and oasis. These tips can help you establish just that even with an oversized yard.

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