Balcony for rest and enjoyment – decoration tips

Balcony with wooden furniture.

If you live in the city and do not own your piece of land, you inevitably miss a quiet corner in the fresh air where you can escape and enjoy a good book or a cup of hot beverage during good times.

A collection of balcony ideas with flowers and plants.
A balcony can be an ideal place for rest and relaxation

Most of you do not even notice your balcony or automatically write it off, thinking that sitting on it can’t be comfortable and use it to put away unnecessary things. This is especially the case if the balcony is smaller, and hasn’t got much space like a terrace.

A small balcony is not an obstacle

Four pictures showcasing balcony ideas with plants and furniture.
Depending on how much space you have, decide which furniture to put on the balcony

But what if you looked at your balcony in a new light and awakened an interior designer in you? Such an undertaking is neither impossible nor overly demanding, especially since most balcony spaces in cities do not have an enviable surface. It is enough to place one to two chairs, possibly a table, and surround yourself with greenery in jars. You may even want to maintain your mini-balcony garden.

A series of photos showcasing balcony planter and pot ideas.
Plants can help make your balcony a true oasis of relaxation

If the balcony is roofed, you can consider different materials of furniture, but choose one that is easy to maintain. Metal may be the best decision, but also lacquered wood if you prefer the rustic look of the space. How many pieces of furniture will be on the balcony depends on the surface, and it is up to you to choose whether it is a single bench, low or high table, chairs that stand alone, and so on. Also, decide whether you want to fit shelves into everything. They can give extra comfort to the visual impression.

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Inspiring balcony ideas featuring furniture and plants.
Decide what type of furniture is right for you and what material you can use

Add pillows and blankets for comfort

For the balcony to become a true oasis of relaxation, it must be comfortable. Decorative cushions, blankets of different colors and patterns, intimate lighting candlesticks, exciting plants, decorative lamps come in handy. An interesting detail is an artificial fur that will keep you warm, and it’s lovely visually.

Four pictures of balcony ideas featuring table and chairs.
Pillows, blankets and similar accessories will make the balcony a comfortable place to stay

Find your inspiration and enjoy your breakfast or a cup of coffee while reading your favorite magazine.

Four pictures showcasing balcony ideas with plants and furniture.
With warm tea and a favorite book, a beautifully decorated balcony will become your favorite place in the apartment
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