New Millennial Homes: The Checklist You Need If You Want To Build A Home For The Tech Savvy

A tech-savvy living room with a view of the mountains.

It’s no secret that 2019 is the year that Millennials are expected to outnumber the Baby Boomers in the home-buying realm. They are no longer the children that they are painted to be in mainstream media.

It should not come as a surprise that the market that you should be catering to is this one, especially when they are soon going to make up the majority of the home-buying demographic.

A tech-savvy living room with a TV and coffee table.

Now, Rage Against the Machine references aside, one should be aware that despite their numbers, one simply cannot build a house and expect it to be sold, especially when Millennials are also one of the pickiest and choosiest people you might find in this universe.

These Millennials are not in a rush to buy a new house and they are willing to withhold making a purchase until they find exactly what they are looking for. They are that committed and dedicated to finding the perfect home because they are fully aware that it exists.

And, as you may have already surmised, it would be foolish to simply refuse to adapt to the turning of the tide. Those who swim against the direction of the river and those who simply refuse to swim at all are doomed to drown.

So, how do you keep yourself afloat in a market that’s already saturated as it is? You woo the majority of the market. These are the home features that you need to focus on if you want to target Millennial homebuyers:

No. 1: Sustainability

Millennials are some of the most concerned people when it comes to being environmentally friendly. This is because they live in an era where the threat of climate change has never been more real. And with the advent of technology, there are more eco-friendly, albeit more expensive, alternatives to conventional home features.

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Invest in features such as water-saving faucet fixtures, low-flow toilets and energy-efficient appliances. Also, solar panels are going to be quite popular and a huge plus for Millennials. Try to consider incorporating energy efficient panels to add a little more to the environmentally friendly vibe of the house.

A tech-savvy home with wooden slats and a garden.

No. 2: Tech-Compatible

The local architect you should hire should also be a Millenial or if not, is at least knowledgeable and able to keep up with the latest trends of technology. The architect must know what’s in and what’s not in the tech-savvy world of Millennials today.

Integrating smart appliances, light switches, nd even door locks will go a long way with the tech-savvy Millennial demographic.

No. 3: Low Maintenance

While it is true that some people are fine with purchasing a fixer-upper, most Millennials are not. Because they now have a huge emphasis on their careers, they are not going to be allocating much of their time toward making home repairs. As such, they are going to be really particular with how a house is built.

It is always a wise decision to first consult with your local architect before pursuing a certain house design. Whether it is complicated or simple, the little things that make up the whole certainly impacts its overall quality and value. Low maintenance houses, for example, are done intentionally and with consideration of the many other factors that may affect its total maintenance aspects.

You should also allot multipurpose spaces so that they can be more practical and accessible to the busy lives of Millennials. This would make the home more desirable and valuable in their eyes.

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A tech savvy home with glass walls and a grassy yard.


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