5 Open Concept Kitchen Designs For 2021

An open kitchen style featuring a center island and dining room.

Open concept kitchens have steadily become a go-to option for homes with an airy atmosphere. If you want your house’s interior with fewer walls and more utility, the open kitchen style is the right option. It includes floorplanning with minimal doors and walls which stand between the living rooms and the kitchen. 

The barrier-less interior design trend is popular among families who wish to clear up the living area and make the home more accessible. It adds space, light, and more functionality to the kitchen and the other parts of your home. Not only is this trend helping homes with narrow interiors look more spacious, but also promoting a clutter-free and minimalist look. 

Many new and revamped open concept kitchen ideas can make your home feel spacious, vibrant, and breezy. Let us check them out! 

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Light Up the Space

Quartz, soapstone, granite, etc., make for perfect kitchen countertops. And adding a splash of ceiling light can surely bring out the beauty. Open kitchen countertops serve many purposes. You can use one side to cook and install a sink on the other side, making it a multipurpose kitchen island that saves space.

While remodeling your home, you can add more purpose to the countertop by lighting up the space around it. Lighting over the island appliances adds more utility. It also minimizes the need to splurge on lighting by directing it to one area in the kitchen. Many experts suggest recessed ceiling lights that provide ample brightness to the kitchen, especially the multipurpose countertop. 

Open Kitchen Designs

 Practicality is Key

Adding practicality to interior decor can help you save money, space, and time. When opting for open concept kitchen designs, check out additional features that come with it. For example:

  • Utilizing the connecting open area to the kitchen as a dining area inside the room can save living room space. The recessed lights can add equal brightness throughout the room. 
  • You can also ask to install pocket doors that slide in and out to make the dining experience more private. 
  • Solid kitchen cabinets and modular designs can store your cooking equipment and add more space to the area. 
  • Installing an air extractor can help the area stay smelling fresh and clean all day long. 

Enlarge the Room By Open Kitchen Area Concept

The colors of your rooms can change your perception of the space. While darker shades make rooms look small, brighter shades can widen your perspective. So if you wish to remodel your home’s kitchen but are low on space, consider painting the walls white or other lighter colors. 

The cooking space appears more free and open with proper lighting and the right choice of wall colors. Not to forget, doing so can also help you find extra space to accommodate other appliances that take up the kitchen area.

To make a small open concept kitchen look more extensive, you can add a white quartz countertop for a glossy finish. It can help your center table look larger and add more space to the kitchen.

As an artificial stone, quartz is stain-resistant, heat-proof, and does not scratch easily. It is cost-effective and widens the kitchen area to feel and look airier. You can also add concealed cabinets and light-colored electric appliances like a refrigerator to complement the space. These provide utility and more space to store your kitchen gadgets. 

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Add Some Vintage Touches

Modern concepts can always be experimented with, and the open kitchen design is one of them. As the trend allows for more space, you can fill them with gadgets and equipment of your choice. For example:

  • You can add fruit baskets, mini waffle-makers, and decorative cookbooks to the layout. 
  • A few vibrant home decor items can add to the vintage charm if the kitchen area was previously narrow and looked wider due to a fresh coat of light paint. 
  • You can also add utilities to help you in your kitchen without worrying about cramming up the space. 

Open kitchen concepts allow you to experiment with different designs.

An open kitchen style with a white theme and wooden floors.

Kitchen Extension to Garden

A kitchen layout that leads to your garden can help extend your cooking area to more open spaces. It is a beautiful concept for homes that have kitchens next to their garden space. You can take down the wall that divides the kitchen and the garden and install a glass sliding door system. Doing so allows plenty of natural light to cover your kitchen floors and makes the most out of open design concepts. 

You can set up your grilling and BBQ appliances in the garden and set up dining areas for entertaining on summer evenings.

Benefits of the Open Kitchen Design Concept

Many people misunderstand the open kitchen concept and see it as excess remodeling work. However, there are various benefits to it, such as:

  • It helps close the space between the dining area and kitchen. Fresh food is always at the table. 
  • The concept allows more natural light to seep into the interiors by reducing walls between rooms.
  • It creates more space to walk around, communicate and decorate within one home. The aim is to make the house seem large from within.
  • If you have children at home, it provides more space to play around and have fun while being at home. 
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The concept’s popularity is also due to the recent work-from-home lifestyle due to the pandemic. Staying at home for days can feel claustrophobic. However, the open concept kitchen allows fresh air, an open area, and a breezier atmosphere for everyone to enjoy within their homes.

So if you are looking to remodel your interior with open kitchen concepts this year, try out some of these tips to add more utility to your home. 

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