Understanding Kitchen Countertop and Cabinet Refacing

A kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter tops featuring cabinet refacing.

The kitchen countertops and cabinets form the bulk of your kitchen. That is why kitchen countertop refacing and kitchen cabinets refinishing is so essential in kitchen remodeling projects. After you have refaced the countertops and redone the cabinets, what will remain are small upgrades on the kitchen walls and plumbing.

Again, kitchen counter refacing and kitchen cabinets refinishing is ideal when you need your kitchen to get a new look, but you are on a budget. Instead of replacing the countertops and cabinets, you only need to ensure the ones you have in perfect condition. This article discusses simple ways to give your kitchen a new look without replacing major kitchen elements.

Kitchen Countertop Refacing

Wooden table and chairs in a kitchen with understanding cabinet refacing.

You can resurface your kitchen countertops into any color you want. Though some countertops materials such as quartz might not need much refinishing, a good stone finishing coat will enhance the durability of your kitchen countertop. The finishing process is eco-friendly; it allows the coatings to absorb into the countertop for a clean and long-lasting bond.

Kitchen Countertop Refacing Methods

There are different kitchen counter refacing methods. However, whichever method you use, the beauty of refacing remains that you can combine different textures and materials to give your kitchen countertops a fresh new look. Some methods, such as sticking laminate, paint, ceramic tiles, and concrete, are cost-efficient.

The first step in refacing a kitchen countertop is sanding the surface to make it easier for an adherent such as epoxy to stick to the surface of the countertop. After roughing up the surface of your countertop, you can now spread epoxy grout on the countertop surface and level it up using a large board – ensure that the edges are smooth. After the epoxy has dried, use an electric sander to give the surface a concrete appearance. Epoxy offers an easy way to fill cracks and chips and give all countertop materials an excellent finish.

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In instances where the countertop is damaged significantly, you can use ceramic tiles to create a checkerboard or mosaic pattern. If there are only small damages on the countertop, you can use flat latex paint, which is available in multiple colors, to give your countertop a complete makeover.

Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Cost

Kitchen countertop refacing cost is dependent on the method you use to reface – do you choose epoxy, ceramic tiles, or flat latex paint. Again, the cost is influenced by whether you do the refacing or you hire a contractor to do it. In cases where you do the refacing, kitchen countertop refinishing cost hardly goes higher than $1,000 irrespective of the method you choose. With a contractor working for you, the refacing might be done better, but you will pay more to get it done.

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In some instances, the countertop is so damaged that simple refacing will not work. In such cases, you will need to replace part or all or your countertops. If you have to replace a part of your countertop, use Caesarstone quartz. The main advantage of kitchen countertop refacing with quartz is that quartz is available in any color or pattern. This way, you can precisely match the colors or patterns on your countertop. Though the kitchen countertop refinishing cost will likely go relatively high with quartz, the results are long-lasting, and the countertop regains its initial beauty.

Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

A kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter tops, understanding cabinet refacing.

Kitchen cabinets refinishing can be as easy as repainting the cabinets to give them a new look or can be as involving as reinforcing the frames of the cabinets with plywood. You can then use maintenance-free laminate on the plywood or use a veneer of real wood to give the plywood an excellent finish. You need to be an excellent craftsman to match the colors and the design of the refinished cabinets with the existing cabinets. After finishing the frames, you can then repair or replace hinges, knobs, pulls, and molding.

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Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Methods

Just like in countertops, the best way to achieve tremendous refinishing starts with sanding. You need to sand off the existing finishing to get a clean and professional look when you finally install the new finish. For the first sanding, use an electric sander with heavy-grit sandpaper. The sanding prepares your wood for the stain.

After sanding, you only need to use a rag to apply the stain onto the wood. This process is simple for those who know what kitchen cabinet refacing as well as those who do not know is. You need to rub the stain on to the wood to allow deeper saturation. If you use multiple coats of stain, the darker the stain appears on the wood. You will need to use as many or as fewer coats based on the results you need. If you want, you can use a blend that combines the cabinet stain with a polyurethane finish to keep the wood protected. For a homeowner who is not so precise on the color of the stain they need, so many blends exist to meet your needs. While you will not control the results, blends are the easiest and most convenient staining options, especially for amateurs.

When you refinish your cabinets irrespective of the kitchen cabinet refacing cost, you give them a real-wood appearance. You do not have to know what is kitchen cabinet refacing as long as you can follow the instructions on the stain container.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a DIY project. How much does kitchen cabinet refacing cost? If you do the project yourself, you will only incur the cost of sandpaper and stain. However, if the kitchen counters need repairs, the kitchen cabinet refacing cost might go up based on the cost of the materials required. You can search ‘how much does kitchen cabinet refacing cost in your area’ based on the materials you need to repair the cabinets.

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What is kitchen cabinet refacing? And how much does kitchen cabinet refacing cost? They are good questions to ask before starting the remodeling journey. The more you know about countertops and cabinets, the better you are at carrying out the refacing.

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