The Latest Kitchen Design Trends

A modern kitchen featuring black and rose gold cabinets, showcasing the latest kitchen design trends.

The kitchen has become the heart of the home. While it used to be a place to make a meal to eat in another part of the house, it is now a place where the family gathers together and can be a main focal point of the home. Since all eyes will be on the kitchen, you want it to look good.

Whether your kitchen is in need of minor upgrades or a complete renovation, we have some best cabinets online ideas for you. Here are five of the latest kitchen design trends for you to consider.

Mismatched Cabinets

New kitchen design trends are all about doing the unexpected. One way to be on trend is by having upper and lower cabinets that are different colors. You could have dark lower cabinets and white cabinets up top. Or you could have honey shaker cabinets with a black island. There are so many options!

This trend is easy to do and gives you a lot of room for creativity. If you are going for a shabby chic look, you could have mismatched door pulls and bar stools. If you want your space to be more modern, you can install sleek marble countertops.

One way to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen cabinets is to display different designs of tea sets and dishware. You can choose sleek or geometric shapes for a more modern look. Opt for tea sets with ornate detailing if you prefer a more traditional aesthetic. Adding accessories to your cabinets is a simple way to give your kitchen a facelift and make your cabinets more inviting.

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Go Green

We aren’t talking green as in environmentally friendly, although that’s not a bad idea either; we mean green like the color. Green kitchens are all the rage. Depending on your preferred style, there is a green for you. Emerald greens can be more eclectic, while forest green can make the kitchen look more traditional.  

If you really want to commit to this trend, you can install green cabinets. The trouble with green cabinets is that they can easily make the kitchen look small since the colors tend to be darker. To minimize this effect, pair your green cabinets with bright white countertops and brass or silver hardware.

If green cabinets seem like too much, you could opt for a green island or even just splashes of green. You could have a green accent wall or buying some green bar stools.

A kitchen with green cabinets and marble counter tops showcases the latest Kitchen Design Trends.  L-Shaped Kitchens

If you’re planning to do an entire kitchen remodel, L-shaped kitchens are very popular right now. Designing your kitchen in this shape will help you maximize storage space and make the space look and feel larger.

L-shaped means that you will have cabinets and appliances on two walls, shaped like an L. Opting for three-drawer base cabinets can give you tons of cabinet space to store all of your pots, pans, and serving ware while giving your kitchen a modern feel. You could also include a center island for more storage and counter space, as well as a place for people to sit and mingle.  

A trendy kitchen design with a white and wood theme, featuring a table and chairs.

Bright, Bold Backsplashes

If you aren’t in the market for a complete remodel of your kitchen, you could keep your existing cabinets, counters, and layout but update the kitchen with a brightly colored backsplash. 

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Backsplashes protect your walls from splattering grease or sauces on your cooktop. They come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, styles, and textures and can transform an ordinary kitchen into a lively space reflective of your personal style.  

White subway tiles have been highly trendy for years, but we are seeing homeowners shift to more interesting tile pieces. Blue has quickly become the popular choice for homeowners. Blue can be very versatile and goes well with most cabinetry and countertop combinations. Large glass tiles can be used to brighten up an otherwise outdated space. Mosaic tiles can make the room look more attractive, or light blue subway tiles can be used to give the kitchen a traditional feel. 

Natural stone is also an excellent backsplash idea. Depending on the type of stone you use, it does not have to be horribly expensive, and it is long-lasting, so you won’t need to replace it for many years to come. It will look great with most countertops, and if you have maple or other wooden cabinets, the natural stone will make them look timeless and elegant.

Moody and Modern

Darker kitchens have started to catch on with home remodelers. Black or charcoal-colored cabinets with a full overlay style paired with black marble or granite countertops and sleek hardware are one option to pull off this trend. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are also popular with those looking to design a modern kitchen. This will help you optimize your storage space.  

Kitchen design trends with black cabinets and a tiled floor.

 While designing a modern kitchen, make sure to leave room in the budget for some of the smart appliances that recently hit the market. 

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You may want to consider a voice-activated faucet that turns on when you ask it to and can measure how much water is poured. You could also get a refrigerator that connects to the internet so you can monitor the temperature and even check to see what recipes can be made using the items you already have. If you want something really impressive, you can get a smart oven that can be voice-activated or controlled from your smartphone.

Similar to the green kitchen trend, the moody, dark colors can make a kitchen look smaller or closed in if you are not careful. It’s essential to make sure your space has adequate lighting, either natural or from light fixtures.  

Have Fun!

Home renovations can be overwhelming and expensive, but they don’t have to be. Whatever style you decide on, make sure you keep the project fun by keeping calm and shopping around for the best deals.

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