Should Your Countertops Be Flush With Your Cabinets?

A kitchen with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances.

When talking about kitchen countertop cabinetry, several interesting trends have recently emerged, from what type of material to use for the cabinets to how to fix it up.

There are several things that one has to keep in mind. One more thing that homeowners are talking about is should they have countertops flush with cabinets or not? Some prefer overhang over flush.

Homeowners that want to learn more about countertop overhang click on the following link to learn more about it —

For those who aren’t familiar with the term “flush”, and how it is useful, keep reading this article. 

What is flush?

Flush is a style of the countertop where the cabinets and the countertop are aligned together. In this style, the countertop does not stick out like in overhang countertops.  Instead, it stays properly within the cabinet limits. This means that any spillage will not go directly on the floor but rather stay on the countertop. 

This style of countertop overlaying looks extremely sleek and elegant, which has led to it becoming one of the most common design trends for modern kitchens. It even looks more functional in comparison to other styles.

A flush countertop style incorporates perfectly with any type of kitchen interior. This style is made to cover all the cabinets on all four sides. This also guarantees that the cabinet is properly visible. Let’s see how can one incorporate these designs into one’s kitchen:

1. Flush patterned countertop with white cabinets

Incorporating a patterned countertop will instantly make a basic kitchen look elegant and stylish. The flush style of the countertop will keep the sleek style of the countertop alive. Add on some white cabinets to it and see how a normal-looking kitchen will transform into a luxurious-looking area. 

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2. Mint paradise

Turn the kitchen a notch up by playing with some vibrant colors, like mint. This color will give a refreshing look to the whole cooking area. This setting is  perfect for introducing countertops flush with cabinets in white color. It will complement the vibrant kitchen walls. One can also add on some matching cutlery to make the whole kitchen look more together.

3. White masterpiece

A luxurious white kitchen looks the best. Nothing can beat the beauty of a beautiful all-white kitchen space. It looks extremely elegant and timeless. By adding a flush countertop, the beauty of the kitchen will enhance a bit more. The kitchen countertops flush with cabinets stand out and look extremely sleek. Add on some beautiful flowers and see how the whole kitchen will brighten up. 

4. Black countertop

Can anything beat the beauty of a black flush countertop? Black looks extremely beautiful and is one of the more eye-catching tones. The best way to utilize a flush black countertop is by fixing it up with plain white kitchen cabinetry, along with brown flooring.

Anyone would give their all to have this aesthetic-looking kitchen. Use wooden cutlery to give this kitchen a bit more elegant look. One can also put in some greyish chairs around the countertop that won’t steal the thunder of the countertop. 

Yes, flush countertops look extremely beautiful and give a very elegant finishing. Still, a few cons of these countertops make homeowners think twice before investing in them. Many prefer overhang over flush. Let’s see what the reason behind it is:

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Flush vs. overhang

Removing the Spills

When food or any liquid spills over the flush countertops, it goes straight to the doors and handles of the cabinets. As nothing is covering the cabinets, the food will travel straight to the cabinets. Unlike in a countertop with an overhang where the food is spilled directly on the floor, flush the food dribbles through the cabinets. 

Concealing imperfections

An overhang is good at hiding imperfections in the cabinet area. At the same time, the flush countertop does the opposite. It shows all the imperfections clearly that the homeowners might want to hide.

Damaged hardware

With flush countertops, one has to face the problem of doors and drawers of the cabinets getting damaged quickly. This is because the hardware of the flush countertop won’t have anything to protect it. At the same time, the overhang will cover the cabinets, saving the clothes from getting tugged by handles, knobs, etc. 

Cleaning the mess

It is easier to clean the mess from the countertops with overhang than the flush ones. With such countertops, one can easily catch all the dirt particles on your hands. In flush, all the dirt particles get on top of the cabinet hardware. 


Yes, there are many benefits of overhang countertops, but nothing can beat a flush countertop when it comes to appearance. They look sleek and have a neat and clean finishing.  

So, should one have countertops flush with cabinets or not, is the question now? Let’s get an answer to this question as well:

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Should countertops be flush with cabinets in a kitchen space?

Before deciding on such a big change in the kitchen, one question might be in the mind of the homeowners. Should one have countertops with flush or not? The answer to this confusion lies purely in the taste and preference of the homeowners.

If it is the first time for a person making such changes in the kitchen, then one needs to be extra careful with it. 

Keeping in mind the kitchen space, the budget, and the vision for the kitchen, one should make the decision. However, the ideal measurement for the handles of the cabinets in the flush countertop should be between 1″ to 2″. It will look amazing and will also save space. 


A homeowner should be prepared for the waiting period of at least two weeks before the flush countertop is installed. Also, speak with an expert to get guidance on what type of material will be best for the countertop. People usually go for a high-quality option, like quartz, as it is a nonporous, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant material.

With a little guidance and a little bit of knowledge, one can install a flush countertop in a hassle-free manner. In the end, whether to go for a flush countertop is the homeowner’s choice. 

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