The Benefits and Drawbacks of Relocating to +55 Communities

An older couple relocating to +55 communities.

Known as “active adult communities,” “retirement communities,” or “senior living communities” at times, 55+ communities are housing developments in which at least one member must be above the age of 55. In contrast to assisted living facilities that provide onsite meal preparation and healthcare services, these low-maintenance communities are for active older persons who can still take care of themselves.

Single- and multi-family houses, as well as condos, apartments, and townhomes, are available. While most inhabitants own their homes, several communities provide rental choices. They’re often close to stores, clubs, recreation areas, and other attractions. When considering if an over 55 community in Houston is the best option for you, balance the benefits and drawbacks, which we’ve done for you below.


1. Active Lifestyle and Resort-Style Amenities

One of the benefits of residing in a 55+ community is the variety of activities and facilities accessible to you. In many active adult communities, you’ll find spas, pools, health clubs, health care facilities, golf courses, bicycling routes, and other facilities.

2. Friendships and social groups

Making friends and joining social groups may be considerably more difficult in a community of all demographics without the resources listed above than in a 55+ community. One perk of 55+ communities is the plethora of clubs and organizations to join.

3. Security

Although not every 55+ community is gated, many have guard-gated entrances or roving security officers. People choose to live in 55+ communities for the sense of security that comes with protected entrances or security staff monitoring their property.

4. Low Maintenance Requirements

The homeowners’ association is responsible for of building upkeep, duties, and repairs. Typically, this includes lawn maintenance, snow shoveling, painting, and roof and gutter upkeep, among other things.

5. Real Estate Deliberately Designed for You

With you in mind, the homes, townhouses, and condos in 55-plus communities are planned and constructed. Sine they’re usually single-story and meant for one or two residents to live in, you’ll frequently have more useable square footage and less wasted space, such as extra bedrooms and baths.

6. Peace

Another motivation many people choose to live in 55+ communities is peace and tranquility.


1. Restrictions

The restrictions and regulations these communities have are a downside to relocating to a 55+ community. For example, your grandchildren may have a time restriction on how long they can stay with you when they visit. Alternatively, you may be required to maintain your home’s landscape in a particular manner.

2. Homeowners Association Fees

Another disadvantage of living in 55+ communities is that you will have to pay HOA fees. The HOA often uses these fees to cover the costs of maintaining facilities, community landscaping, and other community services.


This article should have given you some food for thought when choosing an active adult community. Before browsing through photographs of swimming pools and lush golf courses, ask yourself, “Is a 55+ community good for me?” Thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of these communities is a brilliant starting step toward making one of the most important choices of our lives: where to live.

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