5 Advantages To Using Water Features In Your Garden Landscaping Project

An ornate water feature in front of a house.

Have you ever thought about incorporating a water feature into your garden design? Water features add texture, visuals, movement, and sound to landscaping designs, enabling homeowners to enjoy unique outdoor surroundings that are more connected to nature.

Water features are without a doubt eye-catching, but they also provide functionality to a landscape project. The best garden designs have multiple elements working in unison to create an encaptivating environment. Any type of water element has the potential to contribute greatly to the overall beauty of a landscape. Here are 5 key advantages to using water features in your next landscaping project:

1. They allow you to enjoy the sounds of nature in your own backyard.

When you work long hours, it can be difficult to find time to escape from it all and indulge in the soothing sounds of nature. A water feature can bring the relaxing sounds of nature to your home. With today’s modern water features and a bit of clever landscape planning, you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature right outside your doorstep. 

Imagine yourself returning home from work, dumping all your work stuff at the door and walking around your garden listening to the soothing sounds of trickling water from an outdoor water feature. The sound of trickling and cascading water can help to soothe away the stress of your day and metaphorically wash away your troubles.

A water feature with flowing water: a garden fountain.

2. They will draw natural wildlife to your garden and potentially boost the local ecosystem.

Soon after you have a water feature installed, you’ll start to notice a whole range of new wildlife in your backyard. Many different birds and dragonflies will arrive. Instead of just being a span of barren concrete, your yard will serve as a haven for many types of beneficial wildlife. Attracting wildlife in your backyard can bring you endless hours of entertainment. Garden wildlife also presents as a great learning aid to educate younger members of your family about the animal kingdom.

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All living things require water for survival, so you will help to support the life of dozens of creatures. The water features and plants you incorporate into your landscaping design will bring your garden into harmony with the local ecosystem.

A water feature in the middle of a garden.
fountain boost local ecosystem

3. They are available in lots of different sizes.

Don’t rule out the idea of adding water features to your garden due to its small size. There are features available that have fit into some of the smallest spaces. Well-designed pondless water features, for example, don’t need much space, yet still allows you to enjoy the sound of flowing water and draw wildlife to your property. A water feature can be installed in an area of your garden that currently just looks like a waste of space. In many cases, awkward sized and shaped spaces are the best location for water features; you can transform an ill-used area into a stunning focal point.

4. They don’t require much maintenance.

In contrast to outdoor swimming pools, which require extensive regular maintenance, pondless water features can provide visual focal points and natural sounds to your space without the need for much maintenance.

A cascading waterfall, simple wall fountains and other types of pondless water features are excellent choices for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Check out this blog about the top outdoor wall fountains. Those types of features rely on water re-circulating through the system, so they don’t consume much water and the constant flow prevents stagnation and bacteria growth. A pondless water feature is also a good choice for families with small children or clumsy pets, as they don’t pose as a drowning risk.

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5. They allow you to create a unique landscape.

By adding a water feature to your landscaping design, you can make your backyard truly unique. Water features can be customized to meet the exact needs of the available space, making them very unique. For example, you can add hand-carved rocks to create stunning flowing water elements.

A garden with a water feature - a rock waterfall.

If you are ready to invite new wildlife into your garden and relax to the soothing sounds of cascading water; talk to us today about including a low-maintenance, bespoke water feature into your landscaping project.

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