Water Features for Tranquility in Your Home

A house with a spiral staircase and a glass floor, incorporating water features for tranquility.

The tranquil sound of water flowing is mesmerizing.  It can relax and renew.  Having a water feature such as a pond or fountain in your home gives your space a tranquil vibe and can be a soothing addition.  Follow the flow of beautiful water features for tranquility in your home.

A tranquil staircase with a water feature.
In-home pond water feature (decoist)

This luxury home is surrounded by glass and accented with flowing water from inside to outside.

Glass staircase leading to a tranquil pool in a house.
Beautiful luxury home water feature (homedsgn)

A stream is embedded within the tile flooring of this home.

This is a tranquil hallway in a house.
A stream flows through this home’s entry (huffingtonpost)

Imagine the soft trickle and flow of water as you relax and enjoy the day in this modern home.

A modern living room with glass walls and a red chair featuring tranquil water features.
Water feature enhances this home (freshplace)

Water flowing under the staircase is a relaxing and beautiful statement for this home.

Two pictures of a modern house with water features and stairs.
Lush water feature (home-designing)

Give your home interest and a spot for relaxing with a pond for koi fish.

A woman standing on the stairs near water features.
Lovely home pond at stairway (home-designing)

This glass-topped pond of water is a centerpiece for this home next to a wine room.  Enjoy a glass while gazing in at the river rocks.

A glass wine cellar that adds tranquility to your living room.
Beautiful pond enhances this home (okeanosgroup)

A pond of koi fish gives these modern homes a spot for relaxing and adds a strong statement piece to the space. Also, keep in mind that if you have an indoor koi pond you need to improve the quality of your water for maintenance.

A modern house with a koi pond and stairs, featuring water-based elements for tranquility.
Tranquil water feature (palace601.rssing)
A modern home with a koi pond for tranquility in the living room.
Beautiful home water feature (decoist)
A modern home with a tranquil water feature in the entryway.
Luxury home water feature (priceypads)

A pool with fountain next to this seating area provides a tranquil spot.

A living room with yellow accents.
Home waterfall (decoist)

A water feature mirrors the pool outside in this home, giving it a very peaceful aesthetic.

A modern living room with a glass wall that incorporates water features for tranquility.
Water fountain and pond (stavimedum.cz)

The movement and sound of flowing water is inviting.  It calms, relaxes and helps you to feel more at peace.

A modern home featuring a stone staircase and water features for tranquility.
Beautiful water fountain at home’s entrance (arcadianhome)
A tranquil living room with large windows and a large tv.
Water feature in luxury home (Pinterest)

This unique tiered fountain provides a stunning feature in the entryway of this home.

A serene staircase with a water feature.
Waterfall system at home entrance (huffingtonpost)

A fountain can be placed anywhere, even on a kitchen bar.  This unique feature highlights the kitchen.

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A kitchen with stainless steel appliances.
Water fountain feature at kitchen bar (beautifulhouseinterior)

Wall fountains are the perfect accent if you want a water feature that is easily installed.  These fountains provide beautiful aesthetics as well as water flow.

A tranquil copper water fountain in a living room.
Wall fountain (freshome)
A tranquil bedroom with a black and white checkered bed.
Wall fountain in the bedroom is soothing (indoorfountainpros)
A tranquil kitchen with a wall mounted water fountain.
Water fountain wall feature (haikudesigns)

If you want to add a unique feature to your home, consider the tranquility of a pond or water fountain.  Decorative and relaxing, water features in the home can give you endless hours of tranquility.

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