Piero Fornasetti and the Face That Launched a Thousand Plates

A black and white image of a woman's face through an open door, inspired by Piero Fornasetti.

If you do not recognize the name, you will certainly recognize the face that Piero Fornasetti used in his designs on plates and other decorative items.  This iconic visage is seen on decorative plates, artwork, fabrics, furniture and wallpaper.

A man standing in front of a wall of plates inspired by Piero Fornasetti's iconic designs.
Piero Fornasetti pictured with some of his work
A kitchen with Piero Fornasetti plates on a table.
A feature wall display (casahaus.net)
A gold wall with many portraits of women inspired by Piero Fornasetti.
Variations of Fornasetti’s design (flickr)
A bathroom with a lot of mirrors and faces on the wall, inspired by Piero Fornasetti's iconic designs.
Fornatelli wallpaper enhances this glamorous powder room (todaloos)

Piero Fornasetti was an Italian painter, sculptor, interior designer and engraver that popularized items featuring the face of operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri.  He created the plate series, “Tema a Variazioni” (theme and variation) based on the singer’s face.  The collection contained over 350 variations.

A woman wearing pearls in an old photo.
The face that inspired Fornasetti’s plate series – opera soprano Lina Cavalieri (interior-online)
A set of black and white plates with Piero Fornasetti's iconic face designs.
A sampling of the over 350 variations Fornasetti created (nssmag)
A dining room with black and white striped wallpaper inspired by Piero Fornasetti.
Fornasetti plates accent this black and white dining room (modernluxury)

Plates and decorative accessories with the image that Fornasetti made famous make wonderful accents in the home.  Modern and traditional interiors alike come alive with a unique sense of fun with these wonderful items.

A dining room adorned with Piero Fornasetti plates on the wall.
Fornasetti’s plates accent this wall (wgsn)
A white kitchen with Piero Fornasetti plates on the wall.
Fornasetti plates in the kitchen (lauratj.blogspot)
A collection of Piero Fornasetti plates featuring faces.
The appealing whimsy of Fornasetti plates (Pinterest)
A collection of Piero Fornasetti's face plates adorning a wall.
Featured in a vignette, Fornasetti plates create a unique statement (oliverburns)
A black and white kitchen adorned with Piero Fornasetti plates.
Fornasetti plates grab your attention (Pinterest)
A living room adorned with Piero Fornasetti plates.
Fornasetti plates make a great accent in the contemporary or modern home (decoist)
A room full of Piero Fornasetti's vases with faces on them.
Various decorative accessories featuring Fornasetti’s creation (makeupyourmind)
A collection of Piero Fornasetti perfume bottles with unique faces.
A line of accessories featuring Fornasetti’s design (milkconcept.blogspot)

Wallpaper with the various renditions of Fornasetti’s designs bring a room to life.  Whimsical and a bit mysterious at times, the many faces of Lina Cavalieri cast a spell on you.

A bathroom featuring black and white wallpaper inspired by Piero Fornasetti.
Fornasetti wallpaper in the powder room (decorpad)
A bathroom with an abundance of Piero Fornasetti inspired faces on the wall.
Fornasetti wallpaper is a popular powder room accent (Pinterest)
A bathroom with black and white wallpaper and Piero Fornasetti-inspired decor.
A color variety of Fornasetti wallpaper is an appealing and unique powder room accent (decoist)
A Piero Fornasetti-inspired room with a table and chairs in an attic.
An accent wall covered with Fornasetti wallpaper (seaseight.blogspot)
A dining room with a Piero Fornasetti-inspired black and white wallpaper.
A feature wall of the Fornasetti’s famous creation (Pinterest)

Fabric for upholstery and throw pillows with the iconic face of Fornasetti’s Cavalieri infuse a touch of unexpected whimsy to any room in the home.

A living room with Piero Fornasetti plates beautifully displayed on the walls.
Fornasetti accent pillow (decoist)
A white living room with black furniture.
Fornasetti accent pillows make a unique statement (Pinterest)
Piero Fornasetti chairs with faces on them.
Make a statement with Fornasetti pillows (madebygirl.blogspot)
A chair with black and white circles on it, inspired by Piero Fornasetti.
Fornasetti fabric makes a great accent piece (allaboutvignettes.blogspot)

Furniture pieces accented with the various faces of Fornasetti’s creation are sure to become conversation starters in your home.  Chests, tables and sideboards bring a unique element of surprise and whimsy to your interiors.

A table inspired by Piero Fornasetti and adorned with a woman's face.
Tables with the Fornesetti motif (designex-show.tumblr)
A Piero Fornasetti inspired sideboard adorned with faces.
A sideboard with the Fornasettie motif (Pinterest)
A black and white cabinet with Piero Fornasetti's iconic faces.
A chest with Fornasetti’s variations of Lina Cavalieri’s image (Pinterest)

Perhaps as iconic as the Mona Lisa, Piero Fornasetti’s variations of Lina Cavalieri’s face are appearing with more frequency in interiors.  The plates are a definite collector’s item and the wallpaper is a great accent wall or powder room feature.  Furniture, fabrics and accessories add a touch of whimsy to your home.  Today, this iconic motif is continued by Fornasetti’s son, Barnaba.  For something unique, try a few of these fanciful items in your home.

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