5 tips for repurposing your old window shutters

A dining room with repurposed old window shutters on the wall.

We all have at least one old item in our house that we move from the storage room to the garage and back again just because we don’t want to throw it away but in the same time don’t know what to do with it. If you know what we’re talking about, then you will perfectly understand why someone would want to repurpose his shabby shutters instead of tossing them in the trash. With the next few tips you’ll see how to upcycle your used window shutters into five different wonderful items for your home.

A bed with repurposed window shutters as a wooden headboard and a blue comforter.

Headboards. We all want something unique in our house for which we can brag about to our friends and family. If you have the same desires, then you can easily repurpose your shutters into a nice headboard. Repaint them any color you like and then arrange them as you find appropriate. Congratulations – you have a brand new headboard and no more old shutters to worry about.

Two pictures of a repurposed lamp made from old window shutters with hanging lights.

Chandeliers and lamps. It’s actually pretty simple when it comes to making lighting fixtures from old window shutters. You could either just hang them on the ceiling tying up some jars, bottles or whatever, like it’s shown on the picture, or you could knock the shutters up into small table lamp. It’s your choice.

A repurposed bedroom with old window shutters on the wall.

Shutter wall. Maybe that’s one of the easiest for execution suggestion from all. If you don’t have enough shutters, it’s a good idea to check out garage seals, vintage markets and of course – eBay. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for there.

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A repurposed white table with a basket on it.

Tables – another easy but beautiful solution for getting rid of your shabby shutters. You’ll find out that they’re perfect for coffee tables, side tables, bathroom cabinets, and even small dressers.

Two repurposed window shutters transformed into a planter and a clock hanging on a wall.

Mail holders, Planters, etc. That’s literally the most simplest but effective thing that you can make from old window shutters. Just repaint it (if it’s necessary) and hang it on the wall. That’s it.

With these few suggestions you can finally get rid of your worn out shutters. Not only that, but in the same time you’re getting something cool, new and useful item for your home. What’s better than that?

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  1. Wonderful repurposing tips to use coastal shutter furnishings in your decor. What a great way to add a beach vibe to your home. Love the colorful headboard with its timeworn appeal. Thanks for sharing!

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