5 Reasons Why You Should Renovate with Bespoke Furniture

A bespoke bed in a room with custom-made table and chairs.

Since 2010 started, more and more homes have been doing some major renovations for their place. Even today, 10 years later, it does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Why? Because renovating is much simpler (and not to mention, cost-effective) than moving from one home to another when everything starts to seem bland.

Renovations give homeowners the freedom to personalize their home as much as possible. Therefore, making their place as homey and lovable as they want it to be. At the same time, it would be nice to see the details and furniture that are handpicked by them.

One of the most popular types of furniture today is “bespoke furniture.” In short, these are customized furniture tailor-fit to the preferences of the homeowners up to the last inch. It is perfect to either save up or maximize the unused areas in the house while making it as personalized as possible.

Renovating with bespoke furniture is perfect in adding home offices, entertainment rooms, and even additional guest bedrooms add value to the property while ensuring that the spaces are used accordingly.

Certainly, home renovations are not an easy as it seems. There is a lot of planning and deciding involved and may get the homeowner feeling overwhelmed instantly. Here are a few tips for starters:

Maximized Storage

When everything starts overflowing, people tend to buy one storage boxes after another. Without realizing that a great interior designer can make more storage spaces on the walls or even on the floors. In the long run, it would help save more money and make the place as sassy as possible. Add some ornaments, wall stickers to transform the room completely.

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Space Conversions

Most of the time, attics and lofts are left to be converted as a storage room. However, with the perfect bespoke furniture, and the best interior designer, it can be converted into a more useful space. It can become an extra bedroom, a dressing room, or even a home office.

The right bespoke furniture can add space, storage, or overall, an attitude to the loft. Even the corners would be left unturned with it.

Home Study Corners


With almost everyone starting to convert to a new kind of normal, more and more people are now working from home. Gone are the days when a person would expect maximum productivity with a laptop table on the bed, it is time to have a dedicated space for it!

For a home study, the ideal set-up would be an unused room, the loft, or even the garage can be turned into a den. However, some houses do not have extra spaces as such. Do not fret, as a small corner can already transform into a home study. Add metal tables, some lamps, a comfy comfortable chair, and it’s set.

Try to find an unused corner, even the ones under the stairs, and turn it into your own magic den.

A bespoke home office with a glass desk and a lamp.

Staircase Renovation


Admittedly, the staircase is one part of the house that most people do not even bother with when renovating. However, it should be one that homeowners must pay attention to. A couple of reasons would be that it would make guests feel most welcome, and add a real personalization to the place.

The challenge above it all is that unlike most furniture and home parts, staircases are already embedded into the home’s structure. But, on the brighter side, it also makes it easy as to not having the need to excessively fidget and reformat it. So, the best way to do it is to renovate the handrails, base rails, and spindles which would then completely transform the way the stairway looks.

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Add some wooden ornaments, some glass walkway, and even some bespoke lighting furniture, and see how it creates a great impact on how the whole house looks.

A bespoke staircase in a home.

Time to Upgrade that Front Door

Before anything else, the front door is the first thing that people would see. Hence, it should make them feel welcome, and at home, no matter how old the entire house is. A great detail or some accents would completely transform how it looks.

However, if there’s a little bit more on the budget, opt for an entirely new front door. It would help upgrade your home security by giving you the option to invest in high-quality locks, and at the same time, gives you the freedom to upgrade how it looks.

Why Are Bespoke Furniture still the Best Way To Go?

By choosing bespoke furniture, homeowners have all the freedom and the power to choose furniture that suits their style and preferences. Hence, making them feel most comfortable in their homes. At the same time, when people get to choose what they really want, improve their home’s layout, and even add more storage spaces, they can feel the happiest and “at home” in the security of their own houses.

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