Designing a Modern Masculine Living Room in 6 Steps

A masculine living room with a painting on the wall.

What have you heard about a masculine living room? Well, contrary to the opinion of a few misled knockers, men have a thing for art and décor.

So your man’s living room doesn’t have to be boring after all. You can go beyond tatty furniture, random accessorizing, and empty walls because a large screen is not enough.

A masculine living room with a brown couch and tv.      A masculine living room with a brown couch and a coffee table. A masculine living room with a couch and a coffee table.          A masculine black and white living room.

But we can’t blame this design for its perceived plainness because we’ve always considered women the embodiment of beauty.

Still, you can create a chic and modern masculine space provided you follow the guiding rules of the virile design.

What Rare in a Man’s Living Room

A masculine living room with large windows and a grey couch.

Your masculine living room should be like a man— able to stand for itself. Its features must stand out to any eye and give visitors that rare rough touch not found in many homes.

A masculine living room with a brown couch and striped chairs.

That said, watch out for these 3 when building a boyish space.

  1. Bright colors are uncommon in masculine-style, but some designs incorporate it, and the results are still remarkable and acceptable.
  2. Curvy surfaces. You also don’t want to go for geometric patterns instead of round or curved surfaces.
  3. Smooth and shiny materials. Instead of marble, tile, or quartz, you are more likely to find rough texture materials like a brick stone, timber, and metal.

A masculine living room with a view of the city.

But that doesn’t mean they are a no-go-zone. With expert guidance, you can still include these three features in your mannish room without messing it up.

The Elements of a Modern Masculine Interior

A masculine living room with a couch and a coffee table.

So what makes a room virile? Well, combining the primary elements of a boyish design gives you the way to a man’s heart.

Modern Mountain Homes to Take You Away

Now that you know what to avoid, here’s everything you can incorporate to achieve your goal.

1. The colors to a man’s heart

A masculine living room with a cowhide rug.

A masculine living room with a couch and a coffee table.Color is one of the features that distinguish a masculine living room from other designs (with a feminine feel).

So what’s in a man’s palette? Darker and glum shades dominate—avoid bright colors if you aren’t sure what you want. But a talented designer can help you add a feminine touch to your macho space.

Use standard neutral palettes like white and black, and focus more on darker tones. You can also try popping colors and luxurious twists like brass and gold.

2. As Rough as a man (a mixture of coarse textures)

A masculine living room with a gray couch and a coffee table.

A masculine living room with large windows and furniture.A blend of coarse textures is the backbone of a boyish design. While we consider ladies smooth and sparkly, men are generally regarded as rough and tough.

So instead of smooth textures like marble, male-inspired designs use materials like stone, wood, brick stone and so on, for a manlier look.

Brick walls are also an excellent way to add coarseness and color to your masculine living room. Lastly, include touches of metal in your décor to achieve a macho industrial look.

3. Geometric Patterns 

A masculine living room with green walls and a TV.

A masculine living room with a TV and a fish tank.Geometric patterns are the standard in male-themed designs. Apart from their striking beauty, they also inspire roughness and masculinity.

The man’s room looks better in sharp edges, and not round or curvy designs that you find in a feminine interior.

Blend geometric shapes with fabrics and accessorize your room to make it sprightlier. Rugs (in neutral colors) also fit well in boyish designs.

Decorating with Blue and White

Lastly, you can also try geometric furniture for a fully-fledged gentleman’s living room.

4. Macho Furniture

A masculine living room with a British flag on the wall.

A masculine living room with brown furniture and a coffee table.Because every other thing is rough, use furniture to bring in the missing coziness. Use heavy and luxurious fabrics that blend well with your theme color.

A leather couch is a standard in many male rooms. It adds looks, masculinity and a never-ending lash of luxury to your space,

And as hinted earlier, geometric furniture is another way to go, as long as they have the right fabrics for your theme.

5. A Taste of Art

A masculine living room with a couch and a coffee table.

A masculine living room with striped walls.Again, your man’s room must not be a dull, boring space. Engage walls with different forms of art. Typography (in neutral colors) is one way to go, or you can use gallery walls.

Make sure your art blends well with the fabrics, shades, and patterns in your macho living room.

6. Accessorizing a Boyish Space 

A masculine living room with couches and a coffee table.

A masculine living room with a table and chairs.Accessorizing a man’s room should be as fun as decorating any other space because you have a range of options.

In the spirit of achieving texture, furnish your masculine living room with themes of earthenware, sculptures, or terracotta.

If you like, you can also arrange old-style books with ancient back-covers on an open shelf.


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