Benefits of having plants within your office?

Biophilic Design: A green wall incorporating nature in an office.

Having plants in the office is about much more than just increasing aesthetic appeal, this may be one of the benefits but there are in fact many more scientific reasons as to why plants in the office is such a good idea. In fact, plants are so beneficial in the office setting that companies such as Advance Plants Services Brisbane do a roaring trade in providing plants to businesses, taking care of the delivery and the maintenance of the plants. There are so many indoor plants to choose from and here is why offices should always look to install some real plants in the workspace.

Reducing Stress

The office can be a stressful place at times so the perfect remedy is to have some fresh natural plants in the space to help reduce those stress levels. A study by the University of Technology in Sydney back in 2010 found that there was a significant reduction in stress levels when plants were brought into the office. The results saw a 37% drop in tension and anxiety and a 44% decrease in anger or hostility, remarkable results which plants were able to deliver.

A biophilic design office space featuring a green wall and ergonomic desk and chairs.
Indeed, a smart office has plants to keep the air clean. (

Increased Productivity

In 2014 the University of Exeter in the UK found that the productivity of an employee can jump as high as 15% when one plant per square meter was added. The study also found that memory retention saw and increase too following the addition of the plants. The aim was for each employee to be able to see a plant from their desk, and this was what caused the increased levels of productivity.

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Reduction of Sickness

Sic days account for a lot of lost money for businesses and that is why it makes sense to invest in ways in which those lost days can be reduced. The introduction plants is a great way in which to do this. A Human Spaces report from 2015, which studied almost 8,000 workers from 16 countries, found that 58% of workers have no live plants in their work space. When compared to those who did have live plants, there was a 15% increase in general wellbeing. There are suggestions that plants can reduce the impact of sick building syndrome as well, although this is yet to be fully backed up with enough evidence.

Plant Clean Air

There is no secret that plants and trees have a wonderful ability to clean the air, sucking in poisonous gasses and releasing fresh oxygen, and the same happens on a micro level with regards to plants in the office. The more plants which you have in the office, the cleaner the air that you are breathing will be, and this has been linked to feelings of calmness and increased levels of health.

At the most basic level plants in the office look wonderful and have a really eye catching appeal , beyond that however there some very important qualities which you can anticipate when you introduce live plants to the office environment, qualities which can improve your business.

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