6 Simple Steps for Creating a Productive Home Office Setup 

A white home office desk with a chair and a plant.

Since the pandemic started, many people started working from home. If all of a sudden, you shifted to remote work, perhaps you didn’t had time or the necessary resources to create an optimal home office space. Improvising isn’t bad, but working on the kitchen counter or table can’t last forever, especially if your job transitioned to long-term remote position. So, it’s definitely recommended to invest in a proper home office

Plus, having a separate workspace can significantly reduce distractions, like being too close to the home’s chaos when focusing on a video conference call. Thus, your home office must potentially be used as an encouraging and inspirational environment. Also, be sure to have your work life gone by the time you finish your tasks to help maintain the work-life balance, which is key for those working remotely. 

Here are 6 simple steps to set up a friendly home office. Remember that the ultimate goal is to make your workspace inspiring, comfortable, and productive. How to get there? 

1. Find an Empty Spare Room

If you have an empty room in your home, then you’re all set! You just found the perfect location. All you need to do now is give it a bit of color and turn the space into an exquisite home office. If you decide to rent a small room in a house full of roommates, it might be daunting to design a proper workspace, and even more, it would be impossible to concentrate! But with a dose of creativity, you can whittle out a special space, all for you. 

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Here are some ideas:

  • Standing dividers. The perfect way to separate your work from the rest of the home, especially if you’ve placed your office in a corner of the bedroom. 
  • Hang some curtains. This is a totally optional thing to do, depending on your wishes and way of work. Curtains enclose the workspace, helping you to feel more comfortable, although you’ll need some natural light to help focus. 
  • Consider a mobile office. If none of the above options suits you, then a mobile office might be the perfect choice for you. Place your materials in a large case (briefcase) or box, so you can pack everything at the end of the day, or move whenever you feel the need to. 

In most situations, the whole family is stuck at home during this time, and there’s only one office space available. So, consider switching your shifts with your partner. This way, you can focus better on your important tasks or video calls. Later on, you can take time to play with the kids, or walk your dog in the park. 

2. Maintain Your Focus on Productivity and Functionality

When thinking about setting up your office, just make sure you consider the temperature of the room. Don’t choose to create a spacious office in a basement, or attic – it will be too cold and you’ll need to consume much energy to heat up the space. It’s pointless – instead, choose a space in your home. It’s much more comfortable and functional. The next step is to remove all the distractions, like games, books, documents, pictures, and so on. Shove it all in a closet or a drawer for now. 

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3. Treat Yourself Accordingly and Invest in a Proper Desk

The purpose is to keep your office space dedicated to work and focus on optimizing your chances to successfully complete tasks and communicate with your colleagues. Realistically speaking, if you are a remote worker, like a UK virtual assistant, consider investing in a proper desk. Get serious about your work, and treat yourself accordingly. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy desk, but you definitely need something practical, durable, and helpful for maintaining good posture. If it has drawers to keep your office supplies, even better. 

You spend quite the same amount of time at the office as you do in your bed, sleeping at night. You wouldn’t be able to sleep on a piece of blanket, or on a cheap mattress, right? So, as sleep is important, so is work. Consider spoiling yourself with a dreamy office chair, something that has diverse heights, proper back support, and adequate padding. Don’t settle for a cheap, basic office design

4. Consider Upgrading Your Tech Devices 

So, you are working remotely right now, using a basic laptop that takes a decade to load. It’s time to set up your technology: this can include a new computer, mouse, keyboard, or a new laptop. Use a computer stand, if needed, to raise the monitor, for proper visibility. Keeping your head staring directly at the monitor is the best way to maintain a correct posture. Also, you’ll need to keep a formal posture while engaging in your laptop/computer’s camera during remote video calls. Most essentially, ensure that you keep your Wi-Fi router close enough to your computer for optimal internet connection. 

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5. Consider the Lighting 

Who wants to work in a dark cave all day long? Absolutely no one. Go light, or go home! Oh, wait, you are already home! So, you need a lighting atmosphere that helps reduce headaches and improve concentration. Set up your desk near a window – it’s ideal, especially since the natural light will significantly improve the quality of your work and video calls. Alternatively, you can use desk lamps, floor lamps, whatever fits you to illuminate the space. 

6. Improve Sound Quality

Last, but not least, some people live in a quiet neighbourhood. Lucky you! Okay, so the rest of us, still negotiating with the rest of the family to give in the precious corner space in the house. Finding a truly quiet space is really like searching for gold. When setting up your remote office, consider the noises that might persist during the day and ruin your focus. Then, opt for a quieter space; if necessary, move things around your home until your find the perfect spot for setting up your home office.  

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