4 Ways to Make Your Living Room Stand Out This Year

A gray couch in a living room.

Years come and go, but what remains important for every homeowner is to give their living room a much needed upgrade. After all, new beginnings require significant changes, so you may as well spruce up your living room and make it more appealing to your visitors. It’s a considerable investment to make, but it offers long-term benefits.

One thing’s for sure, a newly-refurbished living room can add value to your home, allowing you to get a good price for it if you’re planning on selling later on. Other than that, of course, you want to secure a more comfortable environment that your family and friends can truly enjoy.

That being said, let’s look at a few ways that can help you make your living room stand out.

1. Change the carpet

One thing you will have to do first is either clean your carpeting or replace it altogether. If it has been around for less than three years, then it’s practical to have it thoroughly vacuumed. Otherwise, you should replace your carpet if it has been around for more than ten years.

A living room with a blue couch and a colorful rug, perfect for creating a cozy space.
living room

If your carpet needs replacing, you can choose a new carpet design and opt for material that is easier to clean. Nylon has always been the prime option for many homeowners as carpets made from this material allow for easier maintenance compared to polyester. So, make sure to get a good quality brand for your carpeting that could last you even more than ten years!

2. Upgrade the paint job

When was the last time you gave your interior walls a fresh coat of paint? If you’re looking at a good three years or so, then you might want to consider repainting. There are various ways you can give your living room a new color, but let’s face it, it’s always a problem to pick something that works with the rest of your decor.

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Fortunately, there are apps that you can use to test different color palettes out without actually applying the paint. Sure enough, there is different paint visualizer software you can use to see what your living room would look like in turquoise or magenta. That way, you can make your color selection without lifting a finger.

3. Replace old furniture

Old and dilapidated furniture, especially brittle cabinets and termite-infested bookshelves, can be rehabilitated or, in other words, restored. This will only work if you’re aiming to secure a more traditional and nostalgic atmosphere for your living room. But if you’re looking to give it a more modern vibe, then you might want to buy new fixtures.

How to create a living room with gray walls and white furniture.
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You can head on over to a local furniture store that sells high quality couches, coffee tables, shelves and everything in between. An added tip is to find a store that offers free delivery and updates you on their offers so you can score big discounts for larger fixtures.

4. Consider indoor plants

Aside from your walls, indoor plants can also give life to your living room. So, opt for potted grasses, plants, and herbs that are easy to maintain and also serve a therapeutic function, such as aloes and other succulents.

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