Update Living Room With A Fireplace Makeover: You’ll Be Cozy This Fall

updated fireplace http://www.myloveofstyle.com

Elegantly update your living room with a fireplace makeover.

The fireplace is the heart of the living room.  We gather by the fireplace to relax.  Families share time, exchange Christmas gifts, and entertain guests.  We revel in the gentle warmth on cold winter nights.  Also, we toast marshmallows and roast chestnuts.  In fact, many families incorporate the fireplace into their entertainment.

We are headed into the long fall and winter months. Make your fireplace into the showpiece you deserve. Turn your living room into that cozy retreat you desire!

Indeed, the fireplace has progressed.  Once, it was a rustic necessity. It was merely a means to survival. Our ancestors built a pit in the dirt floor.  Then, they cut a small hole in the ceiling for smoke to escape.

fireplace builtins
Indeed, built-ins add charm. http://www.alicetchan.com

Today’s fireplaces are grand.  In fact, not all even burn wood.  Many homeowners choose gas or electric fireplace. Indeed, these are an almost care free option. These people enjoy the elegance and warmth without the wood.

Unfortunately, many of us have homes built in past eras.  Although we have working fireplaces, some are just not pretty any more.  On the other hand, some have fireplaces are pretty but lack wow!

An outdated fireplace is not inviting. Certainly, you want beauty whether you have a gas, wood, or electric fireplace. A fireplace update can transform your space.

Open Fireplace Designs to Warm Your Home

Most certainly, this is a job most often left to professionals.  This is not a DIY job. Fireplaces can be tricky.  A professional will inspect your flue for cracks, repair masonry, recommend neglected maintenance, and correctly install decorative elements.  After all, you will want to ensure safety.

Today, I am sharing some fireplace before and after photographs that I hope will inspire you to start a fireplace makeover before the winter.

fireplace makeover
Built-ins give a custom look http://www.remodelaholic.com

Certainly, you want your fireplace to be a focal point. Consider built in shelving. Adding shelves broadens your focal point. It makes the fireplace look grand. Also, shelves lend themselves to accessories. In addition, the built-ins are custom and one of a kind to each home.

Sometimes, you may need to replace your wood burning fireplace. You may have chimney issues.  Or, you live in a city and it’s not practical to haul firewood. This may call for a conversion from wood to a gas log fireplace.  Of course, if you are converting to gas logs you will have a contractor.

Also, the contractor can re-face the fireplace. Re-facing takes the fireplace to a whole new level of fabulous!

Update with a gas log conversion and refaced. http://www.twincityfireplace.com
Update with a gas log conversion and refaced. http://www.twincityfireplace.com
Gas Log Conversion & Reface http://www.mainestoveandchimney.com
Gas Log Conversion & Reface http://www.mainestoveandchimney.com
fireplace makeover
Reface and gas log conversion http://www.hearthandhomeusa.com

Finally, consider painting your bricks. Of course, you still need to ensure your fireplace is in safe working order. However, this is a budget friendly option. You have only the cost of the paint.

Proper Balance with Asymmetric Interior Design

There are several paint options for bricks. Specifically, find one for fireplace bricks. You will need the paint to withstand the heat. This project is fairly easy. Better yet, you can do this yourself!  It doesn’t take very long. However, the time you spend is worth it!

paint your fireplace
painted fireplace bricks http://www.smalltownrambler.com
painted fireplace
Instant makeover with paint http://www.brick-anew.com
Paint your fireplace! http://www.brick-anew.com
Paint your fireplace! http://www.brick-anew.com

Complete your fireplace makeover with charming accessories. Of course, you will choose accessories that add character.  Fortunately, your local retailer offers a large selection of hearth rugs, candles, and decorative pieces to add modern flair.  Conversely, antique shops offer traditional and rustic pieces.

Add charm with accessories. http://wwwminimalisti.com
Add charm with accessories. http://www.minimalisti.com

Take your fireplace and update it to make it your own.  Indeed, a fireplace makeover will add your personal stamp to your space.


  1. It really helped when you stated that fireplaces can be designed and stylized with a great number of accessories. Fireplaces always intrigued me as I have always seen them as a luxury item in houses whenever I see them in movies and in pictures. Decorating my living room with a fireplace and spicing it up with some additional accessories sounds exciting, so I’ll start looking for any fireplace installation services that can help me pick out the best one for my living room.


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