Fall Leaf Tours In The American Countryside – A Relaxing Weekend Getaway

Fall Leaf Tours showcase trees in vibrant red and orange hues.

Fall leaf tours are a fun way to see the countryside. Autumn is upon us.  You might wonder where to find the best places to view the fall leaves in the eastern United States.

Relaxing on a weekend by viewing leaves is superb.  However, the leaves are only part of the fall getaway! After the end of the hot summer,, we are refreshed by the invigorating fresh breezes and cooler evenings.  Of course, we all look forward to the bountiful harvest flavors.

Thus, the sites, sounds, and flavors of fall are all part of the Fall Foliage experience.

Let’s explore my favorite five places to view the fall leaves in their glory.


Asheville hosts Biltmore Estate. Fall leaf tours are a must in this region.  Indeed, it is a glorious sight to behold in the fall.  From the towers at Biltmore, you can view the Great Smoky Mountains. The foliage is red and gold.  Primarily, it is oak tree foliage. It pops against the haze that gives these mountains their name.

Additionally, you can visit the Biltmore Estate Winery. The grapes muscadine grapes in their vineyard peak in the fall. Therefore, you can smell them as you tour the grounds at this time of year.

A rainbow over a city during fall leaf tours.
Fall in Asheville, NC http://www.exploreasheville.com
A grand estate on a hill.
Biltmore Estate in Autumn http://www.romanticasheville.com



Niagara Falls is a world treasure. Every summer, tourists visit from all over the globe. However, things slow down just a little bit in the fall.  The children have returned to school and the families are back at work.  In addition, the hotels charge far less for rooms.

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Really, the main attraction here is Niagara Falls.  As the water rushes over the falls, its force kicks up a fine mist.   Thus, this mist gives the air a hazy, lazy appearance.  The sight of the tall falls, the mist, and the backdrop of lush orange and yellow maple leaves are almost surreal.

When you view this scene, you will see what I mean.  Trust me, this is worth the visit!

Niagara Falls tours during fall season.
Niagara Falls in Autumn http://www.whatevermagazine.ca
Niagara falls Fall Leaf Tours
Niagara Falls In The Fall http://www.thingstodo.viator.com



Lancaster is a uniquely American city.  For hundreds of years, this area has been settled by the Amish. However, they are locally called Pennsylvania Dutch.  The Amish religious beliefs and culture permeates this area.

Indeed, you can’t drive far without seeing iconic Dutch images.  For example, you will see red barns with silos filled with grain to sustain the horses.  In addition, you will see Amish women selling quilts in charming boutiques.  Perhaps, you will try bread from an Amish bakery.  Certainly, you will see families riding in horse drawn buggies.

However, don’t take their photos!  The Amish religion prohibits true Pennsylvania Dutch from posing for the camera.Native hardwoods dot the rolling hills. In the autumn, the trees mesmerize tourists with their showing of gold, red, and orange.

Truly, this area feels like a step back in time to a more rustic era.

A horse pulling a carriage on Fall Leaf Tours.
Amish Horse & Buggy Lancaster, PA http://www.pinterest.com
A farm with a silo in the middle of a field offering Fall Leaf Tours.
Amish Farm in Lancaster, PA http://www.travelbugster.wordpress.com


Next, we travel to Winchester, Virginia.  This small city nestles in a valley in the Shenandoah Mountains.   The mountains here are large and rolling.

The fall crop in this area is apples.  You will find apple festivals, apple pies, apple cider, apple fritters.  Indeed, if there are apples in it, this is the place to get it!

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The historic downtown Winchester area is dotted with small cafes, bakeries, and historic sites.

In addition, the Shenandoah National Park lures visitors every autumn.  Hikers trek along the Appalachian Trail to get the best vantage point.

Pine trees mix with hardwoods in the Shenandoah Mountains.  Orange and red foliage splashes in vivid color against evergreens.

A foggy valley view.
Autumn View of Shenandoah Mountains http://www.skychalet.com


Finally, we save the number one pick for last.  Bar Harbor is the main town on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Of course, in typical New England fashion, Bar Harbor is quaint and charming. Also, many hotels will accept your furry friend

Cadillac Mountain offers the best vantage point for fall leaf tours in the United States.  However, you must drive up the mountain at sunrise. This is because Mount Desert Island is the easternmost point of the continental United States.  Thus, this is the first place to see the sunrise in the entire USA.

From the top of Cadillac Mountain you can see out to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, as you view out above the fall leaves and beyond to the ocean below, you are the first person in the USA to see the sunrise.

The sun is setting over the ocean.
Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain, Mount Desert Island, Maine http://www.acadiamagic.com
The view from the top of a mountain during fall.
Mount Desert Island in Autumn http://www.artistrising.com

Because of the cooler temperatures and thinner crowds, autumn is the best season year for travel. Fall leaf tours are fun! Take time to treat yourself to Mother Nature’s finest show.


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