5 Items You Need in Your Home for Fall

Fall decorations

It’s time to bring a bit of fall to your home…time to add warmth and coziness to your living areas.  Here are five items you need in your home for fall that will amp up the cozy factor and enhance your home for the fall season.

A mantle adorned with pumpkins for fall.
Autumn décor (perpetuallydaydreaming.wordpress)
  1.  Pumpkins

What is fall without pumpkins, their orange abundance lining walkways, adorning tables and serving as centerpieces at the dining table?  Pumpkins are synonymous with fall and no home is complete without them at this time of year.  Decorate them, carve them, paint them or cut them out to display flowers.  Their decorative uses are endless.


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Pumpkins adorn a decorative tray for fall (sweethomedsgn.blogspot)
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A variety of decorated pumpkins for fall decoration (bestofinteriors)
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Painted pumpkins for fall display (bloevelyevents)
A fireplace with pumpkins and candles, essential for a cozy fall home.
Flames carved into pumpkins for fall display (getitcut)

2.  Candles

The warm glow of candlelight adds a great ambiance to rooms during the fall season.  Use decorative candleholders or make your own.  Embellish glass containers with leaves, pinecones, nuts and other natural objects to bring the warmth of fall into your home.

5 Items You Need in Your Home for Fall: A table adorned with candles, pumpkins, and flowers.
The glow of candles among fall décor (nicehomedecor)
A table with candles and pumpkins on it, essential for creating a cozy fall ambiance in your home.
Embellished glass containers with candles have a nice glow (Pinterest)
Corn on the cob candle is one of the five items you need in your home for fall.
Fall-inspired candle (tweeting)

3.  Fall leaves, nature

Bring the outdoors in with beautiful branches and leaves full of fall color.  Warm gold, bright red and glowing orange mixed with brown invites nature to your home with style.  Arrange branches in tall vases, scatter leaves within table arrangements and include other natural objects in displays for added texture and variety.

A fall-themed mantle adorned with leaves and vases is a must-have for the perfect seasonal home decor.
Branches of fall foliage create a lovely mantel display (blog.treetopia)
5 Fall Items You Need in Your Home
Jars of natural fall elements create interesting displays (respacepdx)
A mantle with fall decorations featuring owls, perfect for your home this fall.
Fall leaves mingle with decorative accessories (lushome)
Vases with berries and leaves on a window sill are essential for Fall.
Nature’s fall beauty enhances interiors (springhavenvillage.apartmentblogging)

4.  Area rugs

Area rugs bring warmth, color and texture to a room.  They can define a space.  Area rugs can be placed in layers to create even more interest.  Try bold colors or keep it simple with a neutral.  Keep the rug size in scale with the room and furnishings.  Choose warm wool or a plush sheepskin rug for comfort underfoot.

Many Shades of Gray
A living room with cozy couches and a coffee table, perfect for fall.
Area rug adds color and warmth to this room for fall (suteraskin)
A living room with brown furniture, perfect for Fall.
Area rug adds another layer of coziness to this room (homedit)

5.  Blankets

Bring out the colorful throws and warm woolen blankets.  Drape some lush fur blankets over the sofa or chairs for a stylish and functional enhancement to the room.  For those cooler days and nights, having a blanket handy is nice for a snuggle.  Use blankets to add color and texture.

A blanket with leaves on it is sitting on a couch, perfect for fall.
Fall blanket ready for snuggling (Pinterest)
A cozy fur blanket on a couch for a perfect Fall reading experience.
Lush fur blanket for fall (Pinterest)
A living room with brown furniture and orange fur, perfect for fall.
Fur blankets add warmth and coziness (lockerdome)
A cozy living room with a fireplace, perfect for fall.
Tossing a blanket on the sofa adds comfort, texture and interest for fall (mjinteriors)

There are many ways to enhance your home for the fall season, but pumpkins, candles, foliage, rugs and blankets are five small touches that go a long way toward a cozy, stylish fall home.


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