10 most amazing houses and buildings in the world

A building that appears to be inverted.

“Home sweet home” says a famous proverb but not all the houses are the same. In the world, there are really amazing houses and buildings and we are going to show you some of them. You will not believe to your eyes!

1. The “Upside down House”

An upside down house that challenges traditional architecture.
Upside down house in Germany

Famous as “upside down house” or “crazy house”, this amazing building is located in Germany and was built in 2011. Every single room, every details, every furnitures of this home is upside down, so that the visitors can live a really unique experience

2. The “Crooked House”

The so called “Krzywy Domek” better known as “crooked little house” or simply “crooked house”, is a weird and unique building built in 2004 in Spot, Poland. The Crooked House is a part of the Rezydent shopping center and was designed by Szotyńscy and Zaleski. The two designers took inspiration from the fairytale illustrations and drawings of Per Dahlberg and Jan Marcin Szancer.

A building that appears inverted.
Crooked House, Polond

3. The “Exbury Egg

Created by the artist Stephen Turner with the architectural firm SPUD, the “Exbury Egg” is a floating, efficient and self-sustaining home located on the River Beaulieu. Turner will live alone in this building for some months, in close contact with the unspoilt nature. The aim of the artist and the team of architects is to study local natural cycles for finding new and more sustainable way of living. Turner has said that he hopes that everyone, in the future, will have the possibility to live in a house like this, in a more direct relationship with nature and environment

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A wooden boat floating near houses and buildings in a body of water.
Exbury Egg projected by SPUD and Stephen Turner

4. The “Airplane House

If you like the airplanes, you will definetly love this amazing house with the ceiling in the shape of a airplane. The house is in Abuja, in Nigeria

amazing house with an airplane as roof, Nigeria

5. The “Kansas City Public Library”

If reading is your great passion, you can’t miss this incredible building. The Kansas City Public Library has a unique and creative shape

Kansas City Public Library

6. The “Piano House

If you love music you will fall in love for this amazing building located in Huainan City in China. The building, famous as the “Piano House” was designed by Hefei University of Technology. Both the piano and the violin are built on a real 50:1 scale. The building can host music events, commemorations, celebrations and even weddings.

A guitar-inspired house.
Piano and Violin House, China

7. The “Cloud House”

Located in  Melbourne and awarded in 2012, this house is perfect for all romantic people. Designed by the architectural firm McBride Charles Ryan’s, this house has an amazing ceiling in the shape of a cloud.

A building with a swimming pool.
House in the shape of a cloud, Australia

8. The “Longaberger Company building”

Another unique and incredible building is the headquarter of the American “Longaberger Company”, located in Ohio. This Company  is specialized in the production and distributor of handcrafted wood basket. The building is an incredible riproduction of the company’s famous baskets.

A brown building with a basket on top among houses and buildings.
Longaberger Basket Company headquarter

9. The “Cubic House”

designed by the Architect Piet Blom, this amazing building is located in Rotterdam. The idea of the artist was to reproduce a forest of cubes. Every single cube represents an imaginary tree. The cubes are based on hexagon-shaped pole structures.

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Cubic houses, Rotterdam
Cubic Houses, Rotterdarm

10. The “Shoe House

created by the artist Ron Van Zyl, this house is an amazing replica of a boot. Built in South Africa in 1990 as a gift for his wife, the house is now a museum.

“Shoe House” called also “Boot House”, Africa
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