Catch the Wave with Inspiring Ocean Interior Accents

A dining room with a large wall mural of an inspiring wave.

The ocean is inspiring in so many ways and home interiors are no exception.  Bring this beautiful force of nature into your home with artwork, tile, architectural accents, furniture, flooring and decorative accessories.  Come along and catch the wave with inspiring ocean wave interior accents.

A large canvas print of a blue wave crashing over a couch, inspiring ocean interior accents.
Wave triptych above sofa brings the ocean home (Etsy)

The soothing waves of the ocean guide you down the hallway with this textured wall panel.  A great way to accent a wall, this gives any room in the home the sense of movement and amps up the dimension.

A hallway with a black and white wavy wall featuring inspiring ocean accents.
Wave textured wall treatment (lushome)

A ceiling molded in waves is a fluid and calming accent in this home.

A modern living room with inspiring ocean interior accents.
Waves undulate throughout this unique home (home-designing)

The undulating waves of ceiling tiles accent this room.  The waves pattern is repeated in the staircase, giving this home a great flow.

A living room with inspiring ocean interior accents.
Wave ceiling (interiorzine)

Sinuous curves make this wave-inspired furniture by designer Vito Selma ever so appealing in the coastal themed home or modern room.  Natural materials enhance the design.

A coffee table made of woven rattan, with ocean interior accents.
Wave coffee table designed by Vito Selma (designrulz)
A bench made out of rattan in a field with inspiring ocean accents.
Wave seating designed by Vito Selma (designrulz)

When you look down at this coffee table it is like gazing into the depths of the ocean.  A wonderful accent for any home, this unique and functional art piece is a constant reminder of the wonders within the ocean.

A coffee table made out of a piece of wood with inspiring ocean accents.
Unique table resembles the ocean (links.thisiscolossal)

Incorporate wave style with artistic throw pillows in graphic or watercolor techniques.

A pillow with an inspiring ocean design on it.
Wave pillow (homedit)
Inspiring Ocean Interior Accents
Wave pillow designed by Carlin Blahnik (fineartamerica)

These glass waves created by the artists at Kela Glass Gallery in Hawaii are beautiful accents for the bookcase or coffee table.  Anyone who loves the ocean will certainly delight in these pieces.

A blue and white vase perfect for ocean-inspired interior accents.
Beautiful waves vase by Kela Glass Artists (digs-digs)
A sculpture with ocean interior accents.
Gorgeous wave glass art (

Walk on water with rugs featuring the pattern of the seas.  This style of rug would look great in the coastal living room or even as an accent in the bathroom.

Why the Bar Cart is a Household Champion
Catch the Wave with a goldfish swimming in a glass bowl on a blue floor.
Water rug (interiorzine)

Create a tropical paradise in your home with murals and floor tiles.

Catch the Wave with a kitchen that has tile flooring inspired by the ocean.
Immerse yourself in floor tiles of the ocean (boredpanda)
A bathroom with an inspiring blue wall mural and ocean interior accents.
Wave mural in bathroom (wanelo)

Creative patterns of tile in the bathroom give these spaces a total immersion in the waves of the ocean.

A bathroom with inspiring ocean interior accents.
Wave pattern tiles for the bathroom (Houzz)
A bathroom with a blue tiled shower and ocean interior accents.
Wave patterned tiles in the shower (HGTV)
A bathroom with inspiring ocean interior accents.
Create a wave in the bathroom with tiles (room-decorating-ideas)
An ocean-inspired bathroom with a tiled wall.
Beautiful wave tile design (Houzz)

Relax, unwind and listen to the crash of the ocean waves while you surround yourself with decorative accents that carry you to the coast.


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