5 Tips to Make the Best of Your Summer Staycation

A couple enjoying a staycation in lawn chairs.

Summer is the perfect time to go on vacation, but sometimes it’s hard to plan a trip. You may not be able to get the block of time off work that you need. You may also want to stay at home to limit your potential exposure to COVID-19.

Whatever reasons you have for planning a staycation, vacationing at home can be just as restful and fun as going away. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack essential items, and you won’t lose time in transit. Instead, you can use these tips to start your staycation right in your back yard.

1. Create a Backyard Oasis

You don’t need to travel to be able to relax in a pool. Invest your holiday budget and have expert pool companies Tampa, such as Olympus Pools, turn your backyard into a destination you can enjoy all summer long. Their team can work with you to design the perfect pool to fit your yard and budget. They can also transform your yard with additional features, including a fire pit, spa, and outdoor kitchen.

You’ll avoid heating your house while cooking and making a mess inside with a pizza oven, grill, and prep area. You’ll also be able to enjoy more time outside with your family. And after work, you’ll be able to slip into the pool and relax under a waterfall or play pool games with your kids. A pool is an investment you can enjoy on your staycation and all summer long.

2. Bring the Movies to Your Home

Many of the most popular movies are released during the summer, but you don’t have to go to the theater to enjoy a movie night. Instead, invest in a film projector. Several projectors can be connected to smartphones or DVD players. Some can also live stream programs. You can project the movie against a sheet or buy a screen. It’s also an option to use your projector from your car and replicate the drive-in movie experience by projecting the image against your garage door. Outdoor movie nights are a great way to enjoy some fresh air and fun entertainment with your family.

3. Capture Your Memories

Invest in a digital picture storage device and make a point of recording all your activities during your staycation. This is the perfect time to try a new recipe, build a volcano with the kids, or redecorate a bedroom. Dress up in costumes and take some pictures. Although people commonly associate vacations with either relaxing in a quiet environment or exploring a new location, a staycation can be an opportunity to learn something new or complete a big project. Use your smartphone to photograph the process and take videos. Pictures are a perfect reminder of the memories you’ve created and can be used to reflect on the highlights of your staycation for years to come.

4. Change Your Focus

Whether you’ve lived in your town for six months or 16 years, you probably haven’t seen all the local sites. A staycation is a perfect opportunity to explore your hometown. Identify popular tourist destinations and make plans to visit the ones that interest you most. You may also want to revisit some places you haven’t been in a while. Great location destination options include parks, museums, and historic sites. You can also spend your time exploring new skills. Sign up for a pottery or woodcarving class. You may make new friends who share your interests and discover a new hobby you can enjoy for years to come.

5. Armchair Travel

Even if you can’t get away physically, you can still travel from the comfort of your own home. One option is to watch travel videos and National Geographic programs about different parts of the world. You can also use several sites to find international penpals. This is a great way to meet other people from around the globe and learn about their culture and customs. You aren’t limited to exchanging emails, either. You may opt to use Zoom, Skype, or another communication platform to talk face to face via your computer.

You can use technology to share a meal, learn their language, or teach them English. Engaging with international penpals is a great way to connect with others during your staycation.

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