FL Realty License Cost Breakdown

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Working in Florida’s realty industry can be one of the best career moves of your life. The pay is good, and you will interact with a diverse portfolio of clients. The weather down in the Sunshine State is also nice.

But before you start your journey towards becoming a realtor in FL, you must know the costs involved. This article has made things easier for you, breaking down each step and the costs involved.

Let’s Get the Pre-Licensing Tuition Fees

The purpose of this program is to prepare you for the state exam. It will also help you understand the laws and ethics on how to do realty business in FL. These courses are offered by various educational institutions and online platforms accredited by the state.

Take your time and find the best school that suits your learning style and routine. Prices will vary depending on the study plan and extra materials offered. For example, at RealEstateU, you can get a basic study plan for less than $100.

Exam Fees

After you have finished the course, you will need to sit for the state exam. Adequate preparation is essential if you want to pass the exam on your first attempt. You can get quality exam preparation materials for free online.

You can also buy exam preparation bundles that come with mock tests, flashcards, and assignments to help you familiarize yourself with the exam format. Once you feel ready, register for the exam. State exam registration will cost you around $36.75.

Applying for the License

After passing the exam, you’ll need to submit your application for a realty license in FL. But before you can apply for the license, you must undergo a background check. It is a short process that requires you to visit a fingerprint collection center and pay $52.

Later, you can proceed with your license application, which will set you back another $83.75. This whole process can be done online using your phone or PC. Visit Florida’s DBPR licensing portal and submit all of the required copies of your documents.

Approval can take a few days to a week before you get your license.

Post-Licensing and Miscellaneous Fees

Learning doesn’t end once you have become a certified realtor. You must start these lessons before your license expires. These courses ensure that you stay updated on industry regulations and practices. Costs for continuing education vary depending on the provider and number of credits required.

Joining a real estate association in FL will help boost your standing as a professional. While you don’t have to become a realtor, the pros of becoming a member are worth it. Registration and membership fees will vary depending on the association.

Final Takeaway

Overall, becoming a realtor in FL may cost you around $500. However, the fees are subject to change, so visit the state’s real estate website for the latest information. While the initial investment may seem significant, it’s an important step toward launching a successful career as a realtor in the Sunshine State.

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