Most Effective Techniques To Repel Raccoons From Your Home

Racoons are native to North America and are a member of the procyonid family. They are between 40-70cm long, covered in a gray fir, and look quite cute. They are also known to be intelligent and have good memories. However, despite their cute looks, they can be fierce, especially when cornered.

Racoons generally eat plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates. They are common visitors to gardens and can damage plants as well as knock over dustbins in their search for food. In short, they are a pest and, they can also carry diseases, such as rabies. 

For these reasons, it’s best to get the experts to remove these pests from your garden and home. You can click here to find one near you.

Check For Hollow Spaces

Racoons like to hide away but they are not generally fussy about where they hide. They will look for a hollow space, such as a vent or hollowed-out tree, and then stay in it. You can help to make your garden less attractive to racoons by eliminating any potential hiding spots. 

Simply walk slowly around your garden looking for hollowed-out areas. Then, either eliminate them or fill them with something. In the case of vents make sure they have a wire vent cover, this will prevent racoons and other pests from eating their way through them. 

Hide Your Bins

Racoons will look at what is in your bins, they have an excellent sense of smell. That’s why you need to have sealed bins and you should keep them inside a shelter. This can be your garage or a purpose-built store. In both cases, the racoons will be unable to get to the rubbish and will be less inclined to visit your home. 

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Note: if you place pet food outside don’t leave it out at night when racoons are generally about. Bring it in until the morning.

Racoon Repellant Lights

You can purchase a light that is designed to repel racoons. It emits a flash at regular intervals. As racoons are very sensitive to light they won’t want to hang around your garden. 

Place the lights in various places across your garden, specifically in areas that may appeal to racoons. This will help to keep them away from your property.

Use Odours

Racoons are not generally keen on the smell of garlic, onion, or Epsom salt. These smells won’t hurt them but, because they find them too powerful, they won’t want to be too close to them. 

That means you can spread onion and garlic pieces around the bin area and other spots which may attract racoons. They won’t hang around long enough to get into your bins or damage anything. 

Don’t forget, racoons are very good at digging. You need to note this when dealing with them and plan your defence accordingly. Again, it can be beneficial to get the experts involved. They have the experience and the equipment to solve the issue faster than you can.

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