Five tips for speeding up your next painting job

A woman painting a room with a husky.

So, you want to decorate your home, and you want to get it done quickly.  While there is no getting away from the benefits of preparation when decorating, there are ways that you can speed up the painting with the right tools and techniques. These hints and tricks will help you get a professional-looking finish and finish the job quickly.

Loop the masking tape over your arm

You cannot avoid masking tape when painting, especially if you want a professional job. However, getting up and down the ladder to get more tape is time-consuming. Get a larger hoop of masking tape and hook it over your wrist. You also free up your hands doing this, making this time-consuming preparation task much quicker.

Alternatively, if it won’t look over your arm comfortably, you can hang it off your belt loop with twine and a carabiner.

Quick drying filler

Filling the cracks, nooks and nail holes in a wall is another prep task you can’t skip. However, buying the right filler can make a difference in how much it delays you. Before sandpapering the wall and painting, you must ensure the filler is completely dry. Consequently, it would help if you used a filler that is quick-drying and one that changes colour when it is dry. Therefore, you can be certain that the wall is available to paint.

Cling film for covering items

Nothing is more awkward than covering items like a toilet tank or vanity cabinets. Using drop cloths can be awkward and time-consuming; therefore, using cling film can make this easier and is much more effective. As the plastic wrap is self-sticking, you can quickly twist it over awkward surfaces so you can get started with the painting.

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You can use large sheets of craft paper instead of the drop cloth for skirting boards. Using masking paper to attach the craft paper to the top of the skirting board creates a slope-like structure to the floor, which is far more effective for protecting the woodwork and is quicker.

The right tool for the right job

The standard advice for awkward areas when painting is to use a paintbrush. Any use of a paintbrush is slower than a roller or sprayer. However, a paint pad can get into some areas more successfully. It is the best tool for cutting in or trimming; some are sold as edging tools. However, as well as cutting in, you can use these pads to get behind the toilet tank or other tight spaces.

Using a roller for the ceiling, you can extend the handle and avoid getting up and down the ladder regularly. The roller is the right tool for this job but is time-consuming. It will also have the added benefit of saving your legs too.

If you have a huge expanse of wall to cover, you may want to consider a paint sprayer, reducing the time and effort of painting your home. This is the epitome of choosing the right tool for the job, as you will also get a more professional finish too.

Keeping tools usable

Much time is wasted decorating because the equipment is not cleaned or stored appropriately. Therefore, caring for your equipment, even during short breaks, will make a difference.

When taking a short break, it is tempting to leave the brush or roller sitting on the paint tin or the tray. However, they will still be wet with paint and attract dust and other particles in the air. Consequently, you could have to wash through the brush or roller before returning to the job. So, the best strategy is to cover the trays, rollers, and brushes in plastic bags to help keep them free from dirt.

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Also, when cleaning your brushes, invest in a painter’s comb to help you be ready for your next paint job and save a whole load of time in the benefit.


Getting a paint job done quickly and getting it done well is possible. Much can be done with the right tools for the job, whether a sprayer, an edger or a painter’s comb. Equally, some hacks, such as cling film and craft paper, can speed up the preparation period.

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