Business Alternatives to Office Space and Warehouse Rental

A row of blue storage units in a parking lot for business alternatives to office space.

Many new businesses operate out of a person’s home. Their go-to spot for supplies may be their car trunk, SUV hold, repurposed minivan, or pickup truck. The enterprise can be growing, making money, and still not be able to afford office or warehouse space.

Business rentals are prohibitive for many people when they are first starting out. Entrepreneurs don’t want to waste capital on a storefront when they need operating cash more. Often a warehouse is way too big for their needs. They don’t want to waste money on square footage that they will never use.

A good solution for many people has been storage unit rental. In a safe, secure space, they can keep all of their products or supplies. It’s a logical place to keep extra tools and files. Units are always large enough for displays used for advertising, trade show or seasonal purposes.

Real estate agents learned this lesson years ago when they began staging empty homes for sale. They needed a place to keep the furniture and decor that they used, but they didn’t want to clutter their nice offices. The simple solution was a storage unit.

Small contractors use storage units to keep all of their supplies handy and yet fully secured. It’s less dangerous than housing them in a shed or garage on personal property. Since storage facilities often include vehicle storage, the contractor can keep other work trucks there when they aren’t in use. A storage unit is a good place to keep composite construction mats until they are needed.

Sales people also find storage units very useful. They can stock up on their products and have them ready for every sales call. The merchandise doesn’t sit in a vehicle outside their home where it is vulnerable to thieves. Furthermore, they can save displays for reuse in other venues.

Antique dealers find storage units especially helpful for maintaining their stock. In the era of online marketplaces, they don’t need a physical store. They can advertise each piece and find buyers without paying money for a storefront.

Organizations, such as charities, PTAs, and churches, often find that a storage rental unit makes sense. They have a place to put large items or bulk products between seasonal activities. Like entrepreneurs, they can avoid warehouse costs. Like real estate agents and other professionals, it allows them to maintain supplies that are used occasionally.

Today’s storage units are easy to access, if you need them to be. Storage West, which operates in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas, the business owner has a code which opens the security gate. They can then drive to their unit. They can park in front and raise the garage door. This provides them with immediate access to everything they have in storage.

Unlike a person’s garage, storage unit rental is a business expense that can be used on the company’s taxes. Everything can be catalogued at entry and exit, providing inventory as needed.

For today’s economy, a storage unit rental is a logical and affordable alternative to office or warehouse space. An entrepreneur can keep work and home life separate while getting the big jobs done.

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