How to Keep Your Yard Looking Great When on Vacation

A beautiful home with a driveway and lawn at dusk, showcasing how to keep your yard looking great when on vacation.

There are so many items to take care prior to going on vacation. Besides setting up pet care and plant care, you may be concerned of who can look after your lawn while you’re away. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste.

Your yard requires serious attention even when you are not at home. Here are some tips that will help you provide the necessary lawn care maintenance while you’re away.

Take care of your yard before you leave your home

Give your yard a good watering just before you head on vacation. Also make sure you mulch around the base of each tree to help retain the moisture. When you come back everything will be pretty dry but hopefully not dead depending on the number of days you will be away. Also make sure that you mow the grass, weed and till the soil, so the yard remains in good shape for these couple of days and looks cared for at the same time.

Install a sprinkler or soaker hose with a timer

This tip is the easiest way to water your yard while you are away. This equipment does not need to be expensive and investing in one is worth it as you’re a sick lawn is more expensive to restore to health. Make sure to check the weather forecast, so you can plan the watering schedule accordingly.

Find a lawn buddy

Consider asking a friend, family member or a neighbor you trust to look after your yard when you go on vacation. They don’t have to do much. Watering is more than enough to keep everything alive while you’re away. You will take care of the rest when you come back. Make sure you leave a precise schedule of what needs to be watered, when it should be watered and how much water it needs as they don’t know your yard as well as you do.

Use pesticides to treat your yard

Pesticides are a smart precaution that may help your plants survive if invaders attack them while you are not there.

Don’t fertilize

Keep in mind that fertilizer helps grass grow quicker so if you don’t want to return to a jungle, you may want to hold off.

These tips to maintain your yard while you are away will help you enjoy your vacation as you won’t be worrying about its care. Stressing about your yard is not necessary if you take the necessary steps to prepare it before you leave. Then, you get to return to the healthy lawn you had before you went on your vacation getaway.

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