Valentine’s Day Decor to Set the Mood

Valentine's Day mantel decor.

There are plenty of ways to heighten the feeling of love for this Valentine’s Day season, some of which you can incorporate into your home design. Whether you want some simple fixes or to go all out, there is some Valentine’s Day decor that can create the ambiance you want.


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One simple fix is changing your pictures. This is especially great if you have a collage, as you can intermix love-themed pictures with your urgent ones. Replace one, some, or all with red hearts inside. you can find heart-shaped toys, paintings, drawings or cut outs to give different effects. If you don’t want an overabundance of of lovey-dovey hearts, then try for red-colored paintings, or pressed flowers inside the frames.

A Valentine's Day table setting with pink and gray plates and silverware.


As for the tablescape, use reds, golds or silvers. If you want, you can add other colors that have a personal connection, such as your significant other’s favorite color. The table cover or runner should be in an accent color, or a pattern that incorporates your theme. As for accents, find vintage knick-knacks in love-related themes, like spelling ‘love’ in Scrabble letters. Placing candy hearts or your loved one’s favorite candy in a bowl on the table is also a nice touch.

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Valentine's Day decor for the mantel.

In the living room, add pictures or items that bring comfort to you both. Add a blanket on the couch that you can cuddle in, along with a comfy pillow to lay on. You can also have some creativity and create an indoor fire to roast some marshmallows and sip hot chocolate together. To do this, you can buy a portable, flameless smore-maker, lay some pillows near it and put the items for smokes in red bowls.

A romantically decorated room with a bed covered in lights and pillows.

For the bedroom, bring out your best sheets. If they are red, or evoke a sense of love and comfort in other ways, use them. Instead of laying flower petals randomly, you can opt to place them in a nice, clear bowl on your night stands. If you want to add candles to the mix, then place candles in a large bowl with flowers, or in a small bowl with flowers surrounding the bowl on the table. Switch out some pictures with the aforementioned ideas.If you’d rather something more subdued, design the living room by bringing the outdoors in, creating the effect of sleeping outside. To do this, create a blanket fort, and lay sheets, blankets, and pillows on the ground. Then you can place string lights above, creating the effect of a night sky. 

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