Decorating Tricks to Create Your Dream Living Room

A collage of pictures showcasing a dream living room.

For many of us, the living room is the most important space in the home. It’s where you relax after a long day at work, catch up with friends and create memories with family. This means you want your lounge to be well decorated, to create an inviting a cosy space.

To help you achieve your dream living room, in this post we have compiled some simple-yet-effective decorating tips and tricks.

Find the Focal Point

Having a focal point in your living room can help to draw the eye, making your lounge feel more purposefully designed. It can also provide a central point, helping you to arrange your furniture. You could do this by creating a feature fireplace, hanging a large piece of artwork or a statement mirror, or grabbing your tools and installing floor to ceiling shelves.

A cozy living room with dreamy couches and a cozy fireplace.

Define the Space

You’ve dressed the space with accessories and decorated with a new colour scheme, but your living room is not quite what you envisioned. If you feel like something is missing, this may be because your living room requires more definition. By breaking up the space into different sections, it can add more style and purpose. A simple way to do this is by using an area rug to anchor the seating area.

A dreamy living room rug featuring a grey and white floral pattern.

Play with Light

For decades, designers have been using lights and mirrors to create the illusion of more spacious rooms. It’s a trick that can make a huge difference and help you achieve your dream look, especially in a multifunctional space like the lounge. By placing lamps in alcoves and corners, or installing wall lights, you could make your living room feel bigger.

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A dreamy living room with cozy beige furniture and a charming fireplace.

Set the Scale

No matter whether you have a large or a small living room, you can create your dream space on any scale. To achieve this, think about the size of your furniture. Too big and it could make the room feel cramped, too small and it could feel incomplete. For large living rooms, big statement pieces can make a real statement, while for little lounges, tall and slimline furniture often works best.

Dream living room with fireplace and bookshelves.

Use Colour Boldly

Many of us fear using colour, with the worry of making a room feel darker or smaller. However, adding a splash of colour can do wonders for a lounge, transforming it into your dream living room. You could do this by creating a bold feature wall, using colour in your area rug and soft furnishings, or to make a real impact, consider painting your ceiling.

Dream Living Room with a green ceiling.

There you have it – 5 tricks that can help you create your perfect living room. Happy decorating!

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