5 Ways To Add Romance To Your Home With Valentine’s Day Decor

Take a look at these 5 ways to add romance to your home with Valentine’s Day decor. Valentine’s Day is a day to say “I love you.” Of course, setting a romantic mood in your home is a sweet expression of love.


Roses are the flower that we equate with romance. And let me tell you, the redder the better! Decorate liberally with roses!

Valentine's Day decor
Set the table…and the mood for romance…with a tall, professional table arrangement. | girlsonit.com
On the other hand, a simple DIY arrangement has its own charm! | Pinterest


Dim the lights and light the candles for instant ambiance.

Valentine's Day Decor
Because their light is so flattering to everyone, candles are popular every day. However, Valentine’s Day is even more special with candlelight. | tabledecoratingideas.com
Of course, you earn bonus points when you combine candles with roses. | Pinterest


There’s something intimate and comfortable about sitting by the fireplace. So go ahead and set the fireplace up! Keep romance in mind as you decorate!

Because of its intimate feeling, the fireplace is an important part of your Valentine’s Day decor. | homihomi
Also important is to take care of the small details. Notice the care right down to the rose petals. | The Seasonal Home


Chill champagne and make it part of your romantic decor. Because it’s an important holiday for lovers, why not break open the bubbly?

Serve champagne in style. It’s more special when it’s part of the table decorations. | girlsonit.com
Valentine's Day decor
Or move the champagne to the bedroom and present it tastefully. | froughol.com


You can also set the mood for romance by decorating the bathroom. How? Draw a bubble bath and treat your love to the gift of relaxation. It is a thoughtful gesture in a beautiful setting.

Indeed, this bathroom is decorated for romance! | crazyfrankenstein.com
Candles. Roses. Champagne. Fireplace reflected in the mirror. Bubble bath. Perfection! | blog.beautybridge


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