How to Find a Trustworthy and Reputable Company to Build My Pool?

If you have a lovely backyard and are passionate about swimming and having great family time, installing a swimming pool might be a good option for you. However, choosing a pool company is not as easy as you can imagine. While most people begin their search by googling ‘pool builders near me’, not all those that pop up are always reliable. You need to take some time out to research and choose the best one that meets your requirements.

Remember, a swimming pool is quite a significant investment, and you cannot afford to rebuild or modify it later. When looking for a pool builder, make a list of what you want out of your pool and then begin comparing different manufacturers.

Here we provide you with a guide to help you find a trustworthy pool company:


Check for how long the pool builder is operating in the industry. How large is their client base? Do they have client testimonials on their website?

Quality Fibreglass Pool Builders with rich experience building and installing pools can serve you better than those that are new to the business. You can also be assured of their product warranty and quality of service. If they have a showroom, visit them in person and try to get an insight into their work.

You can also consider professional businesses that offer fibreglass pools. These pools are the trend, easy to install and maintain.

Customer Recommendations

The pool company you choose, if genuine, will certainly show you their past and ongoing projects. A business that does quality work should be glad to provide recommendations. If possible check with a few of their existing customers to be sure of their dedication and support.

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Involvement with a trade organization

Involvement with a business/trade association shows that the company is serious about their business and commitment to the industry. Such companies are professional and work hard to offer better products and customer service.


When you are searching for a local pool builder, don’t forget to inquire on their machinery, equipment and quality grades. Modern and high performing equipment are necessary to build, safely transport, and install your pool.

Payment terms

Talk to the pool company about their payment terms. Check a copy of their contract to understand their conditions. If their terms are ethical, you can go ahead. But if you are not satisfied with the way they operate, walk back.

Pool Type

First, determine what type of pool you want and is ideal for your space. Do you have a large backyard that can accommodate an in-ground/above-ground swimming pool? Or are you looking for a plunge pool that fits in your narrow space? Do you want to create a spa/resort look or would love to have an appealing, intimate space for your family?

Check all the options with the pool companies. A reputable pool builder offers a number of pool options for you to choose from. A skilled pool company can also transform the look of your backyard to align with your lifestyle and property.

If you are looking for a durable and affordable pool, fibreglass can be a good option.


Your budget also plays a significant role in deciding the pool company and the type of pool you buy. The overall cost involves groundwork, installation, pool accessories, extra safety features, pavement, decking and fencing. You should also consider extra costs like chemicals, heating and filtration systems when deciding on a pool.

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Shortlist a few pool builders, check their features, compare their pricing and then make a decision.

Details on paper

Apart from all the above criteria, there’s one more factor you need to focus on seriously. Check with the pool company whether they will provide all the details in writing. This avoids confusion and brings clarity on what they offer and what you should cover. Every minute detail, right from excavation, preparing your backyard, fencing and decking to warranty and maintenance should be mentioned in writing. You can trust them if they readily agree to provide a written document.

The above-mentioned criteria help you choose a reputed pool company. To further narrow down your search, here are a few steps you can follow.

Determine what type of pool you want

As said earlier, there are numerous pool options. You need to identify what’s best for your locality, space and family. There are popular concrete and vinyl pools, but of late, fibreglass pools have become the number one choice. This is because they are reasonably priced, have a long life and come with low maintenance costs. You can also find large standard-sized pools, slimline pools and small plunge pools. Choose a pool that best aligns with your backyard and need.

Choose a pool design

If you are getting a pool to practice swimming laps, a lap pool should be your choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for style, an infinity pool would be a great option. If your backyard is small, consider getting a plunge pool with water features.

Ask for references

Ask your pool owner friends and relatives for references. Make your own list of local pool builder companies. Your goal should be to refine your search and eventually narrow down the choices to the top three.

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Visit pool companies

Once you are ready with a list, start visiting each one of them. Carefully listen to their offer and sales pitch. If they promise anything extra, make sure to get it in writing. Visit one office a day, do not get things mixed up and end up in confusion. Make a list of each pool company’s features and pricing.

Compare and make the final decision

Once you are done visiting all the potential companies on your list, sit relaxed and start comparing them. You will certainly find that some companies stand out. If required, contact them again and seek more information. You can move ahead once you are confident of your decision.

Keep the above tips in mind when choosing a trustworthy company to build your pool. Make the right decision to get the right pool for your property.

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