Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Fibreglass Pool

A backyard with a fibreglass pool.

You have decided to install a swimming pool. After some painstaking research, you have finalized the location, size, shape and design of your fibreglass pool. But one factor still bothers you – choosing the right color. Fibreglass pools are available in various color options. It is easy to succumb to temptations and choose the trending color.

But the swimming pool is a long-term investment. The Gelcoat on fibreglass pools last for several decades, some for a lifetime. And what looks fashionable today can look outdated tomorrow. This calls for careful consideration before finalizing the color of your fibreglass pool.

How do you choose the right color for your fibreglass pool? What are the factors that you should consider before finalizing the color of your swimming pool? We try to give you some answers to these questions.

The Size of your Pool

Dark colors make the pool look smaller, while light colors will give you an expansive feel. If your pool is small, then it will be better to go for light tones like light blues or white. If you have selected a larger size fibreglass pool, then you can experiment with bold colors like dark greens, greys or even black.

The Link Between Temperature and Pool Color

Dark colors soak up sunlight and increase the temperature of the water in the pool. Light colors return sunlight and keep the water in the pool cool. If you live in a cold climate, a dark colored fibreglass pool can reduce your heating expenses. Strong-toned swimming pools can increase the water temperature by 2-3 degrees.

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Landscape and Adjoining Areas

Your choice of Pool Colour will contribute to the mood of your backyard. You must have made a decision regarding the theme of your pool. A dark-colored swimming pool can have subtle-toned surroundings for a contrasting effect. Light-toned swimming pools can have strong colored granite, wooden decking or bricks as part of its surrounding. Strong colored surroundings will absorb heat and will be uncomfortable to walk on during hot climates. Dark-colored pools will look good if you are going for natural or rainforest themes. If you have a modern house and backyard, then subtle tones will look stylish.

Light colors are safe and blend in easily with varied surroundings. You will have to be more careful while selecting darker shades. The color of your swimming pool can complement your home or be in contrast to your home and backyard.


How your swimming pool color looks will also depend on how much light or shade it receives. Different colors have varied effects when light falls on them. Your surrounding lights will have an effect on the overall look of your swimming pool. It is also the reason blue is the most popular color for a swimming pool. When the blue sky reflects on the blue pool, it creates a very calming effect.

If your pool is in a location where it receives plenty of sunlight, you can confidently choose dark or light colors. Both will look good in sunlight.

But if your pool is in a shady area, then you will have to be careful. In the absence of proper lighting, a dark-colored swimming pool can make the whole area look gloomy. Proper lights can give a mystical effect to dark-toned pools. There are plenty of LED lighting options available, which can alter the color and mood of your fibreglass swimming pool.

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Light-colored pools will give you a clear view of even the tiniest debris at the bottom of the pool. Water enlarges any dust or scum settled in a light-toned pool. You will have to very careful about maintaining the floor of the pool in a spic and span condition. Else the swimming pool will appear dirtier than it actually is. Dark toned pools can cover dust and litter. If your backyard is filled with trees, then the dark-colored pool is a safe option.


Your decision regarding the color of your pool will also depend on the uses of your pool. If your pool’s primary function is to be a recreation space then light tones will provide the necessary soothing effect. If you are planning to use your pool for pool parties, then a more vibrant color will energize the environment. If seniors will be using the pool, then light tones are better. It is easy to spot the steps and ledges in a subtle-toned pool. Dark-colored pools can give an illusion of depth. If you want your swimming pool to be the focus of your home, then you can experiment with the latest colors and finishes.


It is a known fact that colors invoke emotions. Blue and Green tones invoke tranquil emotions in people. They are universally liked and considered to be safe colors for swimming pools. Shades of blue and green blend in well with almost any surrounding. White reflects light and can look glaring on a sunny day.

Some people consider colors like black and grey to be very elegant colors. Others can find them unappealing. Talk to your family members about their color preferences. A dark-colored pool surrounded by dense landscaping can give a warm feel.

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Even when you select a particular color, there are numerous shades and finishing options available, which can enhance the look of your fibreglass pool. Fibreglass pool manufacturers offer you options to customize your colors. Finishing options are available in the form of high-quality paint or quartz finishes. However, it is important to remember that looking at a tile in a computer or at the store may be very different from looking at a swimming pool filled with water. There will always be some variations depending on the light and surroundings.

Your pool builder will help you in choosing the right color for your fibreglass pool. There are many reputed fibreglass pool manufacturing companies that offer lifetime guarantee on interior surfaces. Technological advances have enabled fibreglass pools to have chemical resistant and long-lasting surfaces.

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