Top 3 Safety Tips for an Extension Ladder

A house being built with scaffolding and an extension ladder.

Every year several incidents happen in which workers fall from ladders. People who mainly work in building maintenance or construction are at higher risk of falling from the ladders. So, here comes the most important question of what can you do to avoid this kind of accident. Working safely on ladders depends a lot on proper setup. 

In this post, we will discuss the safety tips, which will make working on a ladder a less vulnerable job.

1. Avoid Leaning

This is the first and the most important 3 safety tips for an extension ladder. By following this thing, you will be able to reduce the chance of an accident. So, keep your hips centered between the rails. Leaning sideways while working on a ladder can be a potential reason for a ladder accident.

2. Angle Carefully

You have to be very careful while setting the ladder. Many people place the ladder in the wrong position that often leads to a ladder accident. So, first of all, you need to measure one-fourth of the ladder’s length. That’s the place where you need to put the base of the ladder.

3. Avoid Shakes

Many people continue working from a ladder even when they experience that the ladder is shaking. They need to stop working immediately and get down from the ladder. In this way, they will be able to prevent ladder accidents. Meanwhile, they also have to place the ladder on a flat surface and dry ground. In case if you are working at the roofline, then you have to ensure that the locks are secured.

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Bonus Tips

These were the top 3 tips that you need to follow to avoid accidents while working on an extension ladder. In this section, we will share some bonus tips with you, which will ensure your utmost safety while working on a ladder.

  • You always need to maintain 3 points of contact with the ladder. It means you always need to keep two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot on the ladder. Never reach away or lean from the ladder while using it.
  • You need to choose the right ladder for the right job. Meanwhile, you also have to ensure that the ladder is rated for industrial use.
  • You always need to wear good shoes while working on a ladder. In fact, this is a very useful 3 safety tip for an extension ladder. While choosing your shoes, you have to ensure that they have well rigid nonslip soles.
  • Carry small items while using the ladder. It will help you to maintain 3 points of contact.
  • Before using the ladder, you need to inspect it very well. Do this every time before you use it. After checking the ladder, if you think that it is capable of carrying your load only after that, you should consider using it.

These are the few safety tips that you always need to follow while using an extension ladder. Following these tips will help you to avoid ladder accidents.

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