10 Bohemian Theme Ideas for Bedrooms

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Bohemian Themes

You may have heard the term bohemian design before, but what does that conjure up in your mind? If you say odd, eclectic, antique, funky, or a dozen other such descriptive words, you would be right. Any and all of these describe bohemian style to a higher or lesser degree.

It’s all about attitude, really. Bohemian refers to a person with varying artistic interests, unconcerned with conventional behavioral standards. While this might translate into extreme chaos to some, to others, it creates a beautiful way to live.

A current bedroom is the perfect place to start with this type of design. Or, if you need to add an addition or partition a room, it’s easy to get started by contacting CostCertified.

Elements of Boho Bedroom Themes

A few of the elements commonly associated with a boho design include:

  • Warm and cool colors (oranges, tans, reds, browns with a bit of greens, blues, and purples)
  • Rugs
  • Throw pillows in various sizes
  • Various textures
  • Tossed blankets
  • Old and new furniture (think rocking chairs, wicker nightstand, or a bean bag in a corner)
  • Plants
  • Vintage items
  • Repurposed objects
  • Wall décor
  • Anything bamboo or wicker

Combine these as you will, or consider one of the bohemian themes provided below.

10 Bohemian Theme Ideas for Bedrooms

Here are 10 Bohemian theme Ideas to transform your bedroom this year.

1. French Country Boho

Since the word bohemian comes from the French, it’s no wonder the first theme on this list is French boho. Make your bedroom over with a romantic or simple French boho design. Add delicate white French linens, a chandelier, and an antique bench at the foot of the bed. Hang straw hats along the wall. Open a window and let a gentle breeze slightly lift airy white curtains.

French Country Boho

2. Travel-Inspired Boho

Options abound when it comes to a travel-inspired boho design for your bedroom. Keep a favorite travel memory or destination nearby. For instance, create a Moroccan themed bedroom complete with an iron bed frame and Moroccan wedding blanket as a wall hanging. Or, add your grandmother’s old rocking chair, complete with textured pillows that remind you of that trip to Santa Fe a few years ago.

Travel-Inspired Boho

3. Nature Inspired Boho

Bring nature into your bedroom by adding boho elements that remind you of the outdoors. Consider adding nature-inspired wallpaper on one wall. Add bamboo furniture. Nail up old paintings of birds or frame botanical prints for each side of the bed. Also, consider a high pile rug to remind you of grass and, of course, potted plants. You may even want to add texture to one wall, making it appear as if it is a bamboo forest.

Nature Inspired Boho

4. Black and White Chic Boho

Mix black and white textures and patterns throughout the bedroom to create chic boho style. Paint an old dresser black with white pulls. For a little contrast, add a wicker lamp, rust-color throw, and a colorful pillow. Consider adding a quirky metal art piece as well.

Black and White Chic Boho

5. Two-Tone Boho

Bring together the design of your bedroom with a two-tone boho theme. Choose two colors, often orange and brown or tan. Then add décor items to the room that are in various shades of those two colors.

Two-Tone Boho

6. One Color Boho

Another color theme option is to choose just one color and use varying shades throughout your bedroom. If you choose blue, balance it with naturals such as a wicker chair or a hanging wicker light fixture.

One Color Boho

7. Go Rustic Boho

A rustic eclectic design is popular among the bohemian design crowd. Include rust-colored items, hanging, ivy, and repurpose any of the old antique furniture you have around.

Go Rustic Boho

8. Modernized Boho

If you’re one for a more modern abode, then create a modernized urban design. The key to this is a clean, neat, minimalist layout. Include only the essentials and include only one color along with white. This makes for a crisp look and feel.

Modernized Boho

9. Small Space Boho

Even if your bedroom is ultra-small, you can still go boho. To avoid a cluttered look, tuck a daybed in here, and add as many colors as you can. Add a few elements from the list above as well.

Small Space Boho

10. All-In Boho

If you’re feeling energetic, go all-in with a total boho look. Add tapestries, colorful rugs, outdoor elements, and mix together colors. Your bedspread and pillows will make a statement, as well as the art you hang on the wall.

All-In Boho

Bohemian design can be anything you want it to be. Show your personality with pizazz and enjoy the beauty of you.

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