Add Affordable Luxury to your Bedroom

An affordable bedroom with blue walls and wooden floors.

Everyone goes through phases of wanting to update their bedroom to keep the room a bit more exciting over the years. However, not everyone has the budget to create a luxurious feel and to completely makeover the whole room. Using inspiration online you can get an idea of the look and feel you want for your bedroom and using some handy tips, create the same look but on a more affordable level.

Shutters are a great way of adding a luxurious feel to your bedroom through the choice of styles, colors, and materials they can be made from. But they are also an affordable choice when you install them yourself. Here are some ways that a set of shutters can add a little budget-friendly luxury to your bedroom.

A bedroom with grey walls and a white bed where the kids have left.

DIY them – Online shops like sell their shutters custom made and ready to fit yourself. When looking to buy from them, you should measure your windows as precisely as you can so that the shutters will be made to fit exactly to the frame. By having them made to measure the shutters will be a perfect fit giving an expensive and luxurious feel – as if someone had fitted them for you. Though the shutters are custom made and designed specifically for you, they are self-install shutters. With the use of the easy step by step guide on the website you can have them up and on your walls in no time to add a final touch to your room décor. The perfect way to save a little money on an expensive-looking item.

The Best Summer Bedrooms
A green and white bedroom with a vibrant mural on the wall.
Beautifully bold bedroom (i-j-c)

Color – When redesigning your bedroom, color is quite a big factor, especially when you want to add a more luxurious feel. There is a large collection of shades that you can choose depending on which material the shutters you go for are made from, each color can make your windows a bigger statement piece. Adding a bright bold color such as dark blues or greens can attract more attention and become a feature for your room. Other colors such as sleek greys can give you the modern ‘Instagram home’ look similar to the classic choice of white shutters which are great for making a space look bigger and lighter.

A bedroom with a wabi sabi inspired black marble wall.
This bedroom has an asymetrical wall finish that’s very typical in wabi sabi decor. | Amara

Style – No matter the style of your home, shutters can easily blend in to match due to the variety of choice in style on offer. If your home is a bit more of a traditional theme, a solid panel full height shutter can be a great classic look, working well in period homes. Whereas for those with a modern style property a louvered tier on tier shutter can create a clean look that easily matches any décor. For something a little bit different, a café style or half shutter, only covers the bottom half of the window, creating a unique look. You can even mix and match, using both solid and louvered panels – the options are endless!

A romantic bedroom with red walls and gold accents.
A red master bedroom stimulates romance. (


With such a wide variety, it is easy to find a style that works for you. When each décor item in your home work together it can give a more luxury and expensive feel, even if the pieces themselves didn’t cost much at all.

Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Shutters are the perfect way of adding affordable luxury to your bedroom through the choice of style, range of colors and ease in fitting them yourself. They are the perfect finishing touch, that blends in well with any style of home whether you have an older period home or a brand new build.


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