Creative Do-it-yourself Ideas for Shelves

Creative home office with a desk and ladder for DIY shelving ideas.

Shelves in the home add dimension, enable you to display favorite objects and can help organize a space.  If you are looking for unique shelving options, here are a few inspiring ideas to make you look at certain items in a whole new way.

Creative DIY display of pictures on three wooden shelves.
A creative bookcase made out of a piano, showcasing unique do-it-yourself shelf ideas.
Photo, alyssagoesgreen.hubpages

Skateboards, crutches, ladders, books, furniture, suitcases and even pianos can be repurposed to create surprisingly unique shelves for the home.  Old crates, wine bottles and any number of other household items can be salvaged to creatively grace a wall in your home.

Vintage suitcases creatively mounted as do-it-yourself shelves.
Creative vintage suitcase shelf.

For the travel lover, consider cutting up a few vintage suitcases and attaching them to the wall to display your favorite items and souvenirs from your travels.

Do-it-yourself purple bookshelves on a wall.

Is your garage or attic filled with those discarded and broken chairs and tables that you keep telling yourself you’re going to repair someday?  Cut them up, paint them and refashion those pieces into a one-of-a-kind shelving unit for your family room.

A creative wooden shelf with do-it-yourself skateboard display.
A creative bookcase made out of skateboards.

For the game room, pool sticks can serve as the base for green felt-covered shelves with pool balls as dividers and accents.  Old skateboards make for easy floating shelves.

Two creative bookshelves filled with books on DIY ideas.
Three shelves with creative ideas and DIY items on them.

For the book lover, mount books on the wall and use those for shelving in your book nook or library.  They can be artfully arranged and placed in groups for maximum impact.

A unique bathroom design featuring creative shelf ideas using wooden barrels.
A creative wooden shelf with wine bottles on it.

Old crates, wine barrels and even wine bottles can be turned into creative shelving options for the kitchen or dining area.  Repurposed wine bottle shelving would be a great place to store glasses at a bar area in the home.

Creative and do-it-yourself pipe shelves with a potted plant on them.
Creative DIY ladder shelves with books.
Photo, Pinterest

Think outside the box and look at the discarded or unused items around your household with an eye toward unique uses.  How many creative shelving ideas can you imagine?

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