Decorating With Candles

A table adorned with candles and plants for captivating decoration.

Candles have long been a favored accent in homes and in the backyard.  They conjure images of romantic dinners, festive occasions or sitting in their soft glow on a stormy night when the lights go out.  Decorating with candles is an easy way to enhance your home and outdoor spaces.

A table decorated with candles.
A runner of candles accented with natural elements (lushome)
A table adorned with a tray of vibrant candles and flowers.
Pretty votives and decorative stones for a fresh candle display (damaris-daria.blogspot)
Decorating with candles and seashells: jars on a table.
Embellish glass bowls with seashells and rope for a beach theme (rust-crafts)
A table setting with green leaves.
Unique fruit candles enhance a summer table (shelterness)
A group of white flower candle holders on a wooden table for decorating.
Beautiful handmade flowers make lovely candleholders (handmade4art)

When decorating with candles, unless you are planning an intimate dinner at a table for two, throw out the adage that less is more.  With candles, more is more.  Setting candles out in groups not only provides more illumination but makes greater decorative impact.  Whether you are decorating the mantel, the dinner table, the coffee table or the patio, assembling a group of at least three candles makes more impact.

A decorative table with candles and white roses.
Arranging candles in groups makes more impact (realflowerpetalconfetti.blogspot)
A group of candle holders and pumpkins arranged on a table for decorating.
Grouping candles of different sizes together makes an interesting display (digsdigs)
A cozy fireplace decorated with candles.
Use a group of candles in various sizes and heights to decorate the fireplace off-season (
Decorating with pink candles.
Group candles with flowers for a fresh look (Pinterest)
A decorating table adorned with candles and wine bottles.
Candlelight gives a welcoming glow to the table (eventstoatdc)

If you like repurposing or simply creating things on your own, there are many ways you can convert regular household items in candleholders.  Wine bottles make classic candleholders.  Mason jars can be embellished with different papers and trims for original candleholders.  Use glass jars and vases to mix other elements in with candles to create unique displays.

Glass vases decorated with candles and flowers.
Glass vases with rocks and flowers display floating candles (room-decorating-ideas)
Three candles on a tray with seashells for decorating.
Create your own “candlescapes” (shelterness)
Three mason jars decorated with autumn leaves.
Mason jars covered with paper leaves make a warm glow for fall decorating (Country Living)
A group of wine bottles with candles on a staircase.
Wine bottles are perfect candleholders (decoist)
Three candles with green ribbons decorating a mantle.
Use ribbons to enhance candles (pixshark)
A collection of decorative candle holders featuring buttons.
Cover simple glass votives with buttons (funandeasycraftideas)
Three paper lanterns on a tray with confetti, perfect for decorating.
Wrap paper around votive holders for parties (shelterness)
A jar filled with seashells and a candle for decorating purposes.
Create a coastal display with shells and natural items (

When choosing candleholders, don’t limit yourself to the ordinary.  Various containers, jars, bottles and decorative accessories can make great bases for candles.

Decorating with candles, bird cages
Display candles in decorate birdcages (modishspace)
Glass candle holders with flowers on a table, perfect for decorating.
Turn wine glasses or water goblets upside down for a unique candleholder (babble)
Decorating with candles on tea cups and saucers.
Teacups make charming candleholders (heygorg)
A plate adorned with candles and sea shells, creating a beautiful decorative display.
A group of seashells for candleholders (Pinterest)
Two elegant glass vases beautifully decorated with candles on a table.
Don’t forget hurricane globes for a classic look or for outdoor use during breezy nights (invitation-card-templates1114.blogspot)

Nothing says casual outdoor party like mason jar candles.  String them along the fence or hang them from the trees for a festive touch.

Five mason jars with candles hanging on a wooden fence, decorating.
Hang candles in mason jars along the fence (interactives-wotv4women)
Mason jar lanterns hanging from a tree, decorating with candles.
Hang candles in mason jars rom the trees for a festive touch (pcceventcentre)

Candles are a versatile and stylish way to add charm and ambiance to any occasion, indoors or out.  They bring an extra element to a decorative display and add a touch of romance to the dinner table.  Candles, when displayed creatively, offer that distinctive special touch to the home and patio.

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