Creating a Functional Entertaining Space


‘Tis the season to entertain.  Not everyone has a dedicated space for entertaining but there are ways to adapt the space you do have.  Large or small, rooms can be transformed for a party with just a few simple adjustments in layout and functional additions.

Keep an open flow throughout the space for guests to move about freely.  Provide areas of seating for ten to fifteen percent of your guests.  Seating can be as simple as an ottoman or a side chair.  A sectional sofa can provide the majority of seating for guests.  Scattered ottomans make quick seating options and can be easily moved about the room.

You can bring in high-top tables and bar stools or simply borrow a few side chairs from the dining room.  Have plenty of surfaces available for guests to place their drinks and food.

Open floor plans are excellent for entertaining but if your home is not so open, consider bar carts.  Bar carts are a great option because they are mobile and can be used later as side tables and to display decorative objects.

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

If you have an open floor plan, you can maximize the flow from one room to the next by creating open arrangements of furniture.  To make a large space more intimate, arrange several seating areas throughout the space.  High-top tables and chairs, ottomans or various side chairs with a table serve this purpose well.

How to Design a Small Space

With smaller areas, keep clutter to a minimum and remove pieces of furniture if necessary.  The mobility and size of bar carts make them the ideal pieces to use in smaller spaces.  Provide a separate area for food, where guests can serve themselves and move around.

With the season for entertaining getting into full swing, gear up for guests with just a few simple tricks and space management.  Let the festivities begin!



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