Feel The Heat: Tropical Design Elements That Art “Hot” Today

A table with a gold vase and tropical green leaves in front of it.

Feel the heat with tropical design elements. Indeed, the the trend is “hot” today.

Don’t fear the tropical look. We aren’t talking about your Granny’s parlor in Florida. We are showing you the modern, casual look. ¬†When you incorporate small pops of the tropics in your decor, you will get that easy feeling.

A light-colored couch in a living room.
Add tropical accents for a summery feel (homecaprice.com)

In fact, it’s easy to go insta-tropics with great color. Take inspiration from nature. Lush greens mirror a tropical rainforest. Soft aquas remind you of the sea. Sunny yellows bathe you in the feeling of sunlight. Finally, vivid coral and oranges deliver a burst of fresh, citrusy color.

A tropical-themed living room with two chairs and a table.
Of course, coral and orange add instant juicy freshness.

You can easily paint the room for a quick, easy tropical update. Indeed, Greenery is a great option. It’s Pantone’s color of the year.

Pantone color trend of the year 2017
Greenery – Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year. (patternbank.com)

In addition, install an accent wall. Choose a bold tropical print wallpaper. Because a little tropical print goes a long way, an accent wall is a smart choice.

A tropical-themed bedroom with a palm tree wallpaper.
Indeed, tropical print wallpaper is bold (viralcreek.com)
A table with a gold vase and tropical green leaves in front of it.
In fact, tropical design welcomes guests (pinterest)

However, you have other prints to choose from! Of course, banana leaf and palm tree prints are great fun. But, don’t forget other options. A pineapple print delights!

A tropical design featuring a yellow and white pineapple wallpaper in a living room.
Because it’s soft yellow and gray, this pineapple print is modern (notonthehighstreet.com)
A living room with hardwood flooring.
Spice Tone Bamboo is a tropical treasure. (www.faveweis.com)

Bamboo adds to the tropical feel. In fact, bamboo flooring is inexpensive. However, it has great visual impact. It adds just a touch of the tropics.

Finally, pull the look together with accent pieces. Tropical accessories can be used sparsely to keep an airy feel.

A tropical wooden sideboard with a plant in a vase.
Indeed a banana leaf against a white wall adds impact (alwayscreatingblog.com)
A set of pillows with a tropical design.
Also, fun accent pillows set the mood (aliexpresscom).
Four festive napkins adorned with cinnamon sticks and star anise.
Set the table with a touch of tropical flair (abeachcottage.com)
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