Tiny House Living for Big Rewards

A cozy tiny house nested in the woods.

Tiny house living has its big rewards.  If you are looking for an alternative to apartment living, are simplifying your life, or you just want less of a financial burden than other housing options, consider the tiny house.  Short on space but loaded with charm, tiny houses are a welcoming respite from the ordinary.

A tiny house with a fountain.
Charming tiny house (kevinsmicrohomestead.wordpress)
A cozy tiny house featuring a rocking chair for the ultimate tiny house living experience.
Tiny house interior (tinyhouselover)
A cozy tiny house with a loft designed for comfortable living.
Modern tiny house interior (Tinyhousedesign)

Tiny house plans generally include a living area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and storage in less than 400 square feet.  For a simplified life, this is all that is required of a living space.  Comfortable, multi-functional spaces are what make tiny house living possible.  They are designed to make the most of available space.

A cozy tiny house showcasing a couch and table perfect for minimalist living.
Tiny house interior
Tiny house living with a blue couch.
Tiny house interior (tinyhouseswoon)
A cozy tiny house with a cowhide rug.
Tiny house interior (tinyhouseliving)
Tiny house living with a kitchen.
Storage is key in a tiny house (thehijrahsociety.org)

Tiny houses are more environmentally friendly.  They require smaller lots, require less resources to build and consume less energy.  Some tiny houses are even mobile, making it a dream home for those that enjoy traveling while enjoying the comfort and conveniences of home.

A row of tiny colorful houses on a street.
Tiny house row (cityhomeconstructions)
A tiny yellow house with a white picket fence.
Charming tiny house (Blog.designsquish)
A tiny house resides on a mobile trailer in an open field.
Mobile tiny house (inhabitat)

In the tiny house, there is no attic so the area accommodates tall ceilings.  The tiny house can be outfitted with large windows to visually expand the space and let in light.  Adding a screened-in porch, patio or deck can personalize the home and enhance the exterior.

A living room and kitchen in a tiny house designed for minimalist living.
High ceilings in tiny house (tinyhouseblog)
Tiny house living with wicker furniture.
High ceilings and windows open up tiny house (idesignarch)
A tiny house nestled in a wooded area, perfect for sustainable living.
Deck area adds charm to tiny house (Country Living)
A tiny white house with a red roof nestled in the woods.
Front porch and landscaping add personality to tiny house (Country Living)

Streamlined and cozy, tiny houses appeal to downsizers, empty-nesters, singles and those that just want to live their lives apart from the mainstream.  Tiny house owners benefit by having less mortgage financial burden and energy costs, while enjoying the benefits of home ownership.  Tiny house living offers big rewards that pay off with simplicity, freedom and a certain style that speaks for itself.


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