Decorating With White

A living room with white furniture and a coffee table decorated in white.

Serene, dreamy, clean, crisp.  These are words that describe a white interior.  The appeal of white is in its timelessness and ease.  White interiors are soothing and anything but boring when the right elements are added.  Warm woods, plenty of texture and unique accessories give interest and life to an interior when decorating with white.

A living room decorated with white furniture and a fireplace.
A living room looks refreshing in cream
A living room showcasing white furniture for elegant decorating.
Photo via Country Living

White interiors translate into a crisp, bright white or subtle cream tones.  Decorating with white doesn’t necessarily have to mean dull.  Texture, a variety of shapes and tones, and accessories help give white rooms depth and interest.

A living room adorned with white furniture.
Photo, Dkor Interiors
A white tiled kitchen decorated with white accents.

Texture can be introduced with fabrics on furniture, windows and throw pillows.  A fur or sculpted wool rug adds dimension and flair to a white space.  When decorating with white, texture is key to lifting the room from dull to delightful.

A white living room with white furniture and a chandelier, perfect for decorating with white.
A living room decorated predominantly in white, featuring an abundance of white furniture.
The allure of cottage charm

Employing a variety of shapes by way of furniture and accessories will keep the room from becoming too staid.  A curvy sofa contrasted with the sleek lines of a glass or acrylic table contributes to the overall appeal of the room.

A white-themed living room with a chandelier as the focal point.
Layers of cream accent this living room

Vary the tones of white in the room for heightened depth.  Combine a cream sofa with white walls and rugs.  Layer window treatments in varying tones of fabrics.

A living room with white furniture and a fireplace decorated with white.
A deep wood surround complements the white of this living area
A white living room with a staircase, decorated elegantly in white.
Black contrasts make this room dramatic

Warm wood tones in furniture play off cream and white tones well, giving the space warmth and rich character.  Sleek lines and fine grains play well in contemporary spaces, while weathered woods add charm to a cottage themed room.

A living room with white furniture and a fireplace, perfect for decorating with white.
Bright artwork and throw pillows add pops of color to this living area
A living room with a blue ceiling decorated with white accents.
Photo, SK Interiors via

Adding accessories of various shapes, sizes, textures and colors make a white room stand out.  Introduce shades of gray and accents of gold or silver.  Mirrored furniture would particularly shine in a white interior.  A few pops of color can offer an unexpected treat.

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A large bathroom with a large tub and sink, decorated with white.
An elegant bathroom gleams in cream
A dining room with white furniture and green walls.
A white dining room set against pale green walls stands out

Decorating with white can be serene and calming.  It can be clean and crisp.  But it does not have to be boring.

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