Lighten up Your Interiors for Summer

A light-colored couch in a living room.

Summer is officially here!  As the temperature rises and the days are longer, take a moment to think about the ways you can lighten up your interiors for summer.  You can change the color scheme, add color or lighten color for a softer approach.  Create a beach or tropical vibe.  You can even decrease the visual weight of a room by using wicker or Lucite furniture in place of heavier wood pieces.  Give your home a fresh new look for the season.

A living room with a fireplace and chairs, lightened.
Beautiful summery living room (Kiawah Island project, Elizabeth Newman decorator, Southern Living)

Lighten Furniture

By replacing heavier pieces of furniture with wicker, you visually alter the weight of the room, making it lighter.  Furniture with open legs also creates a lighter profile in a room.  Bring in a few pieces of your patio wicker to replace heavier upholstered pieces and see the difference instantly.

Lighten wicker furniture in a living room.
Lighten up for summer with wicker furniture (creania)
A living room with light furniture and pink pillows.
White furniture and slipcovers create a fresh summery space (thenakeddecorator)

As with wicker, Lucite also visually lightens the visual weight of a space.  Replace a heavy wood coffee table with a Lucite one.  Switch out an upholstered chair with a Lucite arm chair.  In the dining room, replace heavy wood chairs with Lucite.

A living room with a yellow couch and a glass coffee table.
Lucite or acrylic furniture lightens the visual weight of a room (interiordesigninspirations)
A dining room with a light wooden table and chairs.
Lucite chairs enhance this wood table (onekingslane)

Change Color

Adopt an entirely new color scheme for your home for the summer.  Use slipcovers to refresh upholstered pieces and add pillows to accent.  Replace wool rugs with those made of natural fibers, such as sisal or sea grass.  Switch out your decorative accessories and augment them with seashells or other natural pieces.

A white living room with light green accents.
Try a new color scheme for summer (modishspace)

Summer colors don’t necessarily have to be lighter.  A few bold colors used in a room with neutral walls and key furniture pieces can be lively and fresh.

A living room with bright blue and white furniture and a fireplace.
Vivid colors can change a room’s overall appeal (stagetecture)

If you’ve always wanted to venture into a new design scheme for your home, use the summer as an excuse….or inspiration.  Tap into the colors that you have always imagined for your home and create a fresh new look that will transcend the seasons.  If you live in a place that maintains a warm climate, you have an even better reason!

Designing a Masculine Home Office
A bright living room with blue and green furniture and a ceiling fan.
Beautiful greens and blues for summer (thinkter)

Beach vibe

You don’t have to live on the beach to achieve a costal vibe.  Create a soothing neutral palette with cotton slipcovers and natural fiber rugs.  Add beach finds to remind you of your leisurely days spent at the beach.  Take down heavy drapes completely or replace them with sheers.

A light-filled living room with a view of the ocean.
You don’t have to live near the beach to achieve a coastal vibe (freshome)


Infuse a tropical vibe into your home with fresh green fabrics and accents of palms and colorful botanical prints.  Bring in house plants to add some natural elements into the home.

A light-colored couch in a living room.
Add tropical accents for a summery feel (homecaprice)
A living room with light orange and white furniture.
Colorful tropical living room (issambsat)

Softer approach

Lighten up your space with softer colors for the summer.  Cool, soothing whites, pinks, blues and greens bring a cool and fresh appeal to interiors.

A bedroom with a light pink bed and white pillows.
Soft colors in the bedroom have a summery vibe (decoist)
A bedroom with a light bed and pink pillows.
Fresh and bright bedroom (

Splashes of coral and turquoise are an appealing color combination for the summer season.  Against a backdrop of white walls and casual cotton slipcovers, vibrant colors make softer interiors bright and cheerful.

A living room with light blue and orange accents.
A fresh look for summer (homebunch)

A Burst of Fun

Include a burst of fun in your summer interiors with colorful pillows.  Tropical fish add a light touch to any room.

Two light pillows with tropical fish and corals on a white couch.
Introduce fun accents for a summer look (freshdesignpedia)

Whether you are just ready for a change or if you simply want to lighten up your interiors for summer, you can achieve a fresh look with some simple changes.  So, what’s it gonna be?  A fresh new color?  A lighter approach to furnishings?  Or perhaps you want a beach or tropical vibe?  Summer is the time to add some fun to your interiors and lighten things up!


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