Bringing Technology into the Home

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The future really is now, and technology is taking over. If you’re into your technology, you may want to keep reading as we’re bringing you the top digital products of 2021 that are perfect for your home if you love to keep up with the top trends. There’s nothing like the sleek finish of top technology enhancing your beautiful home to make your life just that touch easier. From smart and digital showers, robot vacuum cleaners and digital thermostats, we have the top tips for bringing technology into your home.

Smart and Digital Showers

If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom to include the latest technology trends, then you may want to consider a smart and digital shower. This is fantastic for offering full connectivity to the smart home by combining the precise electronic control of a digital shower with the modern convenience of voice and app activation.Additionally, you can personally set your own shower settings and profiles for each of your family members so you can shower with the perfect setting each time.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is easy to use and incredibly efficient, not to mention time saving and in the fast paces of modern-day life this is the perfect product for you. Don’t be put off thinking this product won’t do a fantastic job because that is quite the opposite. Just be mindful, if you buy cheap you may buy twice and when you’re investing in this fantastic piece of kit you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for you and your home. Make sure the vacuum can tackle all surfaces, rugs included as well as detecting all levels of dirt.

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Digital Doorbells and Cameras

Digital doorbells and cameras are a fantastic way to keep your home secure at the click of a button. You can sync the apps to your smart phone and keep an eye on who is approaching your home at all hours of the day and night. Typically, you can look after all your deliveries and have your CCTV footage stored in the cloud to reach at any time should you need to retrace your steps or hand over any valuable footage to your neighbours or even the police.

Life can get in the way of answering your door, particularly if you’re a big family, you may not even hear the door knock or ring! A smart doorbell is a fantastic way to keep you in tune with what is going on in the outside world when you’re so focused on the tasks of your day-to-day life at home with the family, you’ll never miss the doorbell again.

Digital Thermostat

Wouldn’t you love to be able to set the temperature of your home before arriving home from work, so you are welcomed into a warm and cosy environment after a long, hard day? Interestingly, aside from all the benefits of a digital thermostat, from the ease of use, programming the perfect temperature from your mobile phone and being able to turn the heat on and off at the earliest convenience, the digital thermostat is also very cost effective and energy efficient.

Your energy bill reduction will quickly offset the initial cost of investment to begin with, making this product entirely worth it for you and your home. The ability to zone off your rooms with different temperatures is a fantastic way to really reduce the energy bill by not heating rooms you’re not using, or having your heating set to a timer so that you can warm up your bedroom in time for going to bed, without wasting energy when you’re not using the room.

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