Creating “New” Furniture with Upholstery

An ornate living room with newly upholstered burgundy furniture.

We’ve all been there. Over time your furniture get old and warn down or no longer fits your vision for the room. Perhaps you are in the midst of updating a room and find that the color of your couch doesn’t go with the new design. But what are you supposed to do when you don’t have the money for new furniture? Second-hand items from the thrift store could be an option, but there’s still the chance that you can’t find that “it” piece you are looking for.


One option is upholstering your current furniture. This may have been looked down upon once, but with the DIY renaissance and reduce-reuse-recycle vibe that have come about in the current decade, homeowners are starting to see that this could very well be what they are looking for. Not only is it wallet- friendly, but it allows you to update your furniture with colors and patterns that you want. It’s also easy to update, so for those that like to mix things up every couple of years don’t have to worry about incurring much debt for a beautiful home.

A beige upholstered bed featuring a headboard.

Of course, if you aren’t keen on sewing, then you can opt to have a professional do it. This will ensure high quality looks that fit your furniture to the T. Hiring a professional will cost you extra, but most likely not as much as buying that coffee-colored leather couch you’ve been spotting at the furniture store. ┬áIn the case that you make everything yourself, it can still turn out beautifully. Creating, designing and making it yourself will give you a sense of pride and you know that it will be done to your standards.

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A chair with

Some upholstered furniture can be sewn so that it stays on, without the option for removal. This can be the option for those that know they won’t want to change this design down-the-road (like those who will throw out the furniture after this last use). Most other upholstered fabrics have a removable design. Families with children or dogs, as well as those that just like an ever-changing design, will find this useful.

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