Best ideas with wooden crates

A collage of wooden crates and furniture for inspiring ideas.

In each of us, there is a little inventive person who longs for imaginative ideas for how to do it yourself. Wooden crates are one of the items that look quite ugly by itself but can do miracles for home decor if made well.

You can make almost any piece of furniture you need from these wooden boxes, as well as home decor. For some items, you will need a little more knowledge, while others are easy to do with just a few nails and a hammer. Here are some examples of what you can do with wooden crates.

A series of photos showing different types of lights hanging from wooden crates, providing ideas for wooden crates furniture.
The wooden crate chandelier will indeed be something rarely seen

First of all, pay attention to the condition of your crates and what look you want to get. This applies to all the examples we will show, which is why we emphasize the rule in advance. If the crates are older, you may need first to sand them and then paint them in the color you want.

You should apply some protection in the form of varnish to make the item last longer. You can dye it any color that suits you. Probably the natural look of wood will be the most common choice, but if perhaps pastel colors suit your home, go ahead.


Ok, this is probably the first thing that came to your mind. Shelves are an easy thing to do with many wooden items. If you took a wooden chair and nailed it to a wall, you would get a shelf. So let’s start with that then.

Shelves can be made simply by mounting one or more wooden boxes to the wall. You can literally cover the entire wall with wooden crates and get an interesting book shelf solution. Depending on what you put on the shelves, make sure they are sturdy enough and that the studs you use for mounting can withstand the desired weight.

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A collage of pictures featuring wooden furniture ideas.
Wooden crates can be the ideal solution for bookshelves or nightstands

You can also make floor cabinets that will stand on their own. They can be fixed, or you can add scrollbars to move them around. This way, you get exciting nightstands. You can stack wooden crates on top of each other, just secure them together with nails, so they don’t depart.


Another exciting piece of furniture that you can make is a table. It may be lower for the living room and, in that case, place only one or a maximum of two rows of wooden crates. If you want a higher bar table, use more boxes in height. Depending on the table you want, you can place a glass on wooden crates to get a flat and smooth surface. Or you can leave a natural wood look.

Ideas for creating wooden crate furniture.
You can leave the surface of wooden crates or add a glass or wooden smooth board over it to get a flat surface

Flower pots

Wooden boxes are ideal for flower arrangements and can stand outside or inside the home. You can use vivid flowers and put earth in wooden boxes. Remember to put a pad so you can water the flowers and don’t be afraid to use different types of flowers in one box. Colorful flowers will look great in a wooden surrounding.

Four different pictures of flowers in wooden crates, providing ideas for wooden crate furniture.
Wooden boxes simply fit perfectly with the flowers


When making chairs, the most important thing is to make sure the wooden crates are solid enough. You do not want your guests to fall over while you serve dinner. And make sure to put pillows to make the chair more comfortable. If you don’t know how to sew them yourself, find them in the shop and fit them into your furniture. And in this case, you can stack the crates on top of each other to get a higher chair.

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Four different pictures of a stool made from a wooden crate, providing ideas for furniture.
Chairs you can make yourself as well, just make sure you use stiffer crates

There are numerous other ideas you can find about how to use wooden crates. The excellent idea is to make a bed with bedding compartments out of wooden boxes, but for that, you need to be a little more expert in carpentry.

You can use them to create unique lighting fixtures. The wooden crate chandelier will indeed be something rarely seen. Also, if you want to stack the garage, finally, wooden crates will be the ideal sorting solution.

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