Your Kitchen Garden Ought to have these Four Organic Plants


Gardening is a personal venture. Everything about it and is about you as an individual relates to creative pursuits you invest in the kitchen garden You use your backyard or front yard; you grow plants that speak to your soul, nurture them with love like you would a child, sometimes you confide in them. What’s more personal than this? In fact, your plants either blossom or wither depending on your energy around them.

Despite this personalization, I must intrude into your space and suggest a few varieties of plants that will transform your garden and boost your health.


kitchen garden

There are many genera of pepper, up to 600 varieties. For your kitchen, green bell pepper, hot peppers or both will be ideal.

The beauty of planting chilli peppers is that a single plant will produce a bounty harvest to last you to the next harvest season.


kitchen garden

Tomatoes are ideal for the kitchen garden as they are fruits and vegetables at the same time. Raw tomatoes are a great source Vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and folate; essential for your health. Let me not get started on the flavour they add to your food.


If you are growing tomatoes, then Basil is the ideal plant to grow with it. These two plants have a symbiotic relationship. Basil spices your food and they are known to repel insects. However, you have to be careful when you have one, as climbers; Basil will grow and claim every spot on your fence and garden.

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Spinach is widely known for its nutritional content. The good news is it only takes six weeks to mature. In no time you will celebrate your hard work.

kitchen garden

Growing these plants in your kitchen garden will be of great benefit. Apart from joining the healthy living club, you will use your garden space effectively.

If you have these plants in your garden, keep up the good work. You can contribute to the discussion by sharing your must-have plants in the kitchen garden.


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