Give New Life to Old Furniture With Paint

A blue console table given new life with paint in a living room.

How many times have you looked at an old chest, chair or other piece of furniture and thought about getting rid of it because it just didn’t look that great any more?  Or perhaps you have an antique that Grandma gave you that doesn’t fit with your style.  If the piece has good bones and is still structurally sound, a new coat of paint can do wonders to transform furniture.  Here are ideas to give new life to old furniture with paint.

A colorful chest of drawers.
Bold stripes give this chest new life (designtoptrends)

Brighten up an old desk or chest with a fresh, vivid color and accent with colorful accessories for a statement piece in the bedroom, home office or living room.  Even coordinate the color with the overall room scheme.

Give New Life to an orange desk with a white chair and lamp by using paint.
A bright paint brings new life to this desk (BHG)
Give New Life to Old Dresser with Paint.
Fresh green paint adds life to this chest (BHG)
Beautiful dresser really stands out with fresh paint
Beautiful dresser really stands out with fresh paint (

Create patina with paint and sandpaper.  Give painted furniture an aged look by rubbing off the top layer in areas that are naturally worn with age, like corners and the edge of drawers.

Give new life to old furniture with a green chest of drawers in a room with a picture.
Beautiful painted chest (katlouenco)

You don’t have to use flat paint for furniture.  Try a metallic paint to give furniture a lush appeal.

A silver dresser transformed with paint, showcasing a vase on top.
Metallic paint adds elegance to this chest (stoneycreekfurniture)

Paint a stenciled design on drawers for a custom look.

A dining room with a dresser and lamps transformed by paint.
Beautiful painted chest (Pitnerest)

Highlight only parts of a furniture piece with white paint.  This makes the piece stand out and adds a touch of charm.

A console table in a room with blue walls gets new life with paint.
Mix up the paint for a new look (aliexpress)

Go for the unexpected and paint large stripes on a chest, paint a traditional piece bright pink or aqua and mix it with natural wood finishes for a pop of color and character.


A painted framed painting in a living room.
A bold stripe is unexpected (ambranews)
A living room with blue couches and a fireplace transformed using paint.
A bright pink highboy is a statement piece in this living room (ambranews)
A painted dresser in a dining room.
A lovely aqua painted sideboard is charming (roseymnurse.BlogSpot)

Create a design and paint a collection of furniture all the same.  Pieces like this are perfect for a child’s room, nursery or even the guest bedroom.

Give new life to old furniture with white paint and a clock.
Hand-painted furniture (home-reviews)

If organization is your game, use chalkboard paint on a chest or sideboard to store items and label the drawers with chalk.

Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer
A blue dresser transformed with chalkboard labels using paint.
Chalk paint offers great organizational tool (house-interior-design)

Decorate a chest with stenciled designs for a fun and whimsical approach.

Give New Life to Old Furniture With Paint: A repainted blue dresser with seashells on it.
Paint and stencils create a one-of-a-kind piece (jcaroline.typepad)

Hand-painted designs can be very romantically charming or exotically beautiful and are wonderful accents for the home.

An ornately painted chest of drawers revived with floral designs using paint.
Very detailed hand-painted chest (Houzz)
A repainted chest of drawers.
Beautifully hand-painted chest (aliexpress)

To add a little something different to the dining room, paint the chairs a bright color and leave the table in its natural wood tone.  This creates a modern edge and gives a fun pop of color to the room.

Transform an outdated dining room with a fresh coat of paint on the furniture.
Try painting your dining room chairs for a lift (Houzz)

Break out the colors and paint a piece in multiple vibrant hues.  Have fun and add personality and charm to tables, chairs and chests.  Try out checkerboard patterns, lattice, flowers, stripes and free-style.  These pieces are sure to be conversation-starters.

An ornate table transformed with colorful paint designs.
Vibrant paint brings new life to this table (ourpicturewindow.BlogSpot)
A vibrant table transformed with a painted design.
Multi-colored painted table (Houzz)
A set of colorful painted nesting tables, giving new life to old furniture.
Brightly painted nesting tables (
A chair transformed with vibrant paint.
Bright paint gives new life to this chair (ainteriordesign)
A vibrant refurbished chest of drawers.
Bold stripes enliven this chest (aboyandhisbike)

Don’t be so fast to get rid of furniture or pass it by at the flea market.  Give old furniture a new life with paint.  Enjoy the creative process and experiment with colors, finishes and designs.  You will be pleasantly surprised how a coat of paint can transform a piece of furniture.


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