Travel Photo Inspiration For Designing A Room

Travel photo of a cobblestone street in Germany.

We often go on vacations and find souvenirs to bring home for a piece of nostalgia. These typically take the forms of mugs, art work, T-shirts, and specialties of that region. Although this is sufficient, you can also find ways to design your home based on a favorite vacation spot with the use of some travel photo inspiration! Using the above photo as a guide, you can use some of the techniques to model your room to remind you of that land. Whether it be simple dashes here and there, or a full-out design to make you feel as though you are there, you will surely be pleased!

A hallway with paintings and a travel photo.
This is a great example of extracting colors and style from the picture to find inspiration for paint and furniture.



This picture, taken in Rothenburg, Germany, beautifully showcases German architecture mixed with color, cobblestone streets and flowers. First, pick out colors you want to use in your room. Luckily this one has many duller colors that exude relaxation but still have a sense of liveliness. Mimic this by picking colors that give off this aura as well, although they don’t have to be the same as in the picture. You can choose just one to be your main color, then teasing out brown from the picture in your accents. If you’d rather have more color, then pick one as your main color and another 1-2 as accents.  As for this picture, you could pick out the pale green as the main color, with tan and brown as the accents. For more vibrancy, use orange and yellow flowers to act as the buildings in this picture.

Cheerful Paint Colours for your Walls


Second,  take the architecture elements in the picture and re-envision them in your home. Perhaps create (or buy) gothic-esque chairs or cabinets, if you were using this picture. From this example, you could also re-envision the wooden panels as brown stripes on your walls.

Travel photo of three red roses on a wooden table.


Accent pieces are also key to any room design, especially when modeling it after another destination. Of course, souvenirs are a fun way to relive the experience, so include those. Then, find elements from the picture you want to emanate to truly bring that location to your home. In this example, You can choose to have pictures of red flowers (or real red flower arrangements) to bring out that aspect of the picture. Another idea is to use small stones in your tablescape (possibly with the flowers) to remind you of the cobblestone streets.


Overall, you can pick and choose whatever you want to have the room you desire that re-envisions your favorite travel photo at the same time.

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